Rebel Wilson Suing Major Magazine Publisher For Defamation

The Pitch Perfect star is not happy with how she was portrayed by a few magazine articles.

Page Six reports that Rebel Wilson is suing magazine publisher Bauer Media for a series of articles published in 2015 that allegedly make the actress out to be a liar. And, what's more, Wilson claims that the articles cost her a few acting roles.

The trial, which took place in Australia's Supreme Court of Victoria on May 22, 2017, reportedly began with statements from Wilson's lawyer, Matthew Collins. He told the court that Wilson, who is seeking "unspecified damages" from Bauer Media, was "cut to the core" after learning that approximately 1.5 million people had read an article online that alleged that she'd "lied about her name, age and upbringing in Australia."

Wilson was especially upset that the publication of the article occurred when Pitch Perfect 2 was released. "She thought she'd never been hit with such nastiness, coincided to time with the pinnacle of her career," Collins stated.

Page Six notes that the trial will take place over a period of three weeks and that Wilson, who flew to Australia for the case, is expected to testify.

Bauer Media, on the other hand, argues that their articles had no effect on Wilson's public persona. The publisher's lawyer, Georgina Schoff, claimed that the pieces were factual and explained, "They weren't nasty articles."

As an example, Schoff referred to Wilson's alleged upbringing, stating that she did not grow up in the "ghetto" of Sydney as the actress had previously claimed. Instead, Schoff said, Wilson was educated at a top private boarding school.