Kate Mara Opens Up About Falling In Love With Fiance Jamie Bell

It was definitely not love at first sight for Kate Mara and Jamie Bell. 

In fact, it wasn't even love at first kiss, which the actors shared during an audition nearly a decade before they even started dating, according to Mara who made the surprising confession during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

When a fan suggested that Mara and Bell then hooked up on the set of the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, Mara again surprised everyone by saying, "We fell in love on the press tour," meaning they didn't actually get together until after the movie was completed.  

Mara and Bell confirmed their engagement in January 2017 after Mara was spotted wearing a ring on "that" finger, according to E! News

The pair have been particularly quiet about their relationship, even during an awkward 2015 episode of Watch What Happens Live when the full cast of Fantastic Four appeared to promote the film. 

Host Andy Cohen asked Bell questions about previous remarks the actor had made about his bedroom abilities while Mara became visibly uncomfortable. Probably not the best way to kick off a new relationship, but it obviously didn't affect them much. 

Anyway, mazel tov to the happy couple!