The Truth About Casey Affleck And Caylee Cowan

Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck (perhaps best known as the kid brother to fellow actor Ben Affleck) is back in the headlines again. 

Casey took to Instagram on November 25 and announced that he and the players on his amateur baseball team, aptly titled "The Love," immediately rolled up their sleeves and donated blood after learning there was a shortage. "This is the week for giving thanks but sometimes u gotta give something else. The Love and co. gave several bags of blood," he penned in the post. "Much love and respect to everyone at the Red Cross," he continued. 

Donating his blood wasn't the only thing that got the masses talking, however. As it turns out, Casey also made it Instagram official with "Sunrise in Heaven" star Caylee Cowan in the revelatory post. So, what's the truth about the celeb couple? And is she equally as passionate about donating blood? The answer just might surprise you...

Casey Affleck loves donating blood... and Caylee Cowan

Couples who donate blood together, stay together...?

Casey Affleck stunned the masses when he proclaimed his love for actor Caylee Cowan via an Instagram post on November 25. While discussing the ways each of his fellow amateur baseball teammates and their respective spouses donated blood in order to help with a blood shortage, he also gave his "love" a mushy-gushy shoutout, as well. "@cayleecowan showed up," Affleck wrote. "She is not on the Love's active roster, but she is MY love, and she ALWAYS shows up when it counts." 

There was only one little problem... Cowan isn't exactly a fan of needles. In the post, Affleck explained, "Caylee is usually unenthused about needles, blood, etc, and though she believably feigned nonchalance all the way to the donation location, once on the table with her sleeve rolled up, she was overheard quietly asking a staff member, 'Is there a chance I might die?'" Fortunately, for Cowan "the answer was no, of course."

Per Us Weekly, prior to dating Cowan, Affleck was previously married to Summer Phoenix, with whom he shares two sons: Indiana and Atticus.