The Tragic Death Of Hollywood Icon Arlene Dahl

Glamourous actor of the 1950s, Arlene Dahl, died on November 29, at the age of 96. Her son, fellow actor Lorenzo Lamas, announced Dahl's death in a heartfelt Facebook post. Lamas wrote, "Mom passed away this morning in New York. She was the most positive influence on my life. I will remember her laughter, her joy, her dignity as she navigated the challenges that she faced." He added, "Never an ill word about anyone crossed her lips. Her ability to forgive left me speechless at times."

Calling his mother a "force of nature," the "Falcon Crest" actor said he grew closer to Dahl in his adult life. Lamas wrote, "I leaned on her more and more as my life counselor and the person I knew that lived and loved to the fullest." He also sent his deepest sympathies to Dahl's husband of 37 years, Marc Rosen. (Lamas' father is the late actor and director Fernando Lamas, the second of Dahl's six husbands. She also had two other children — daughter Carole, from her third marriage, and son Rounsevelle from her fifth.) The post concluded, "Love you mom forever." 

Of course, the death of the Hollywood icon should not overshadow her impressive life — not only was she a movie and TV star — but Dahl was also an entrepreneur and a business pioneer.

Arlene Dahl was ahead of her time

Hollywood icon Arlene Dahl was an accomplished actor, earning over 50 credits, including "Journey to the Center of the Earth," and "A Southern Yankee," as well as many television appearances. Later in her career, Dahl worked on the soap operas "One Life to Live" and "All My Children." She told interview Nick Thomas for The Rockland County Times about getting the acting bug as a kid, "My father put me up on a picnic table and asked me to sing. After hearing the applause they couldn't get me down."

But she was also an entrepreneur and was way ahead of her time juggling fame with other business pursuits. At the height of her acting fame in the mid-1950s, Dahl founded Arlene Dahl Enterprises, selling lingerie and cosmetics, and writing a newspaper column about beauty, per Variety. After Dahl left acting behind, the outlet reported that she worked as an advertising executive for Sears & Roebuck and started a perfume company. She also wrote countless books, including astrology-related works focused on beauty. So Dahl's son Lorenzo Lamas wasn't kidding when he said his mom was a "force of nature," as she arguably paved the way for other business-minded actors.  

Tributes poured out on social media for the iconic actor who was regarded by many as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood's golden age. A fan tweeted, "I genuinely haven't cried over a celebrity death in forever but arlene dahl has hit me so hard I can't cope."