The Truth About Farrah Abraham's Return To Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham made her debut into the public spotlight on MTV's "Teen Mom" when she was pregnant with her daughter, Sophia. She was also known for adding plenty of drama to the series, involving both her mother and her castmates. Viewers may remember some of her more notorious feuds, such as when she and Maci Bookout couldn't avoid getting into a huge screaming fight during a press tour in Season 5 or when she made a mean comment about co-star Leah Messer on Twitter in 2015 regarding Leah losing custody of her twin girls, as per The Things. The single mom-of-one also had another famously low moment when she was reported making shocking accusations against MTV executives and producers. Unfortunately, some of the relationships she burned over the years have yet to be repaired.

Despite getting fired from "Teen Mom" in 2017 for her choice to move her career in the direction of adult entertainment, Farrah joined the cast of "Teen Mom OG" for the spin-off, "Teen Mom: Family Reunion." The series, which is set to premiere in January, will include eight episodes that feature the OG cast, including Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood, as well as "Teen Mom 2" stars Jade Cline, Leah Messer, and Briana DeJesus, as per Entertainment Weekly. MTV released an exclusive preview ahead of the release date, which gave viewers a sneak-peek into whether or not Farrah could resist the drama that has marked her appearances on "Teen Mom."

Farrah Abraham reportedly couldn't avoid the drama

Farrah Abraham returned to the "Teen Mom" franchise to join the OG cast for the spin-off, "Teen Mom: Family Reunion." Ahead of the season premiere, MTV released a "sneak-peek" video that featured Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell in an interview with host Dr. Drew. Given that the last "Teen Mom" reunion in 2016 did not go well after Farrah got into a physical fight with Amber, as per Us Weekly, Dr. Drew was curious to hear from the teen moms whether this second reunion had been more positive. 

In the interview, Dr. Drew segued into the topic of Farrah, asking, "How was it hanging out with Farrah?" Amber was the first to respond with, "We really tried to make her feel better?" Maci added that she had her own opinion about Farrah and that everyone was free to do the same. This vague response led Dr. Drew to push further. He asked, "But was she conflicting with the 'Teen Mom 2' women?" Maci responded, "I think [with] everyone, to be honest." 

Farrah's perception of the reunion seemed to be a bit at odds with her co-stars' recollections. In the second half of the sneak peek, Dr. Drew aired a clip in which Farrah told Maci and Amber she had "so much fun catching up" with them. It seems we'll have to wait until January to know for certain what mischief Farrah got up to during the reunion.