Dash Cam Footage Of Tiger Woods' DUI Released

Police have released the dash cam footage of disgraced golf legend Tiger Woods' recent DUI arrest. 

As previously reported, Woods was arrested on May 29, 2017 outside of Jupiter, Fla., on suspicion of driving under the influence after he was allegedly caught asleep at the wheel. It was later revealed that Woods had no alcohol in his system, but in his public apology, he did admit that he was having "an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications."

TMZ published the police footage of the car stop, field sobriety tests, and arrest of Woods, who they describe as "like a zombie in the footage — swaying, incoherent ... and unable to even tie his own shoes."   

At one point during the field sobriety test, shown in the above video, an officer tells Woods that he's going to have to "recite the entire english alphabet in a slow, non-rhythmic manner, meaning you're not going to sing it." When asked to repeat those instructions, Woods replies, "Not to sing the national anthem backwards."

Eventually, Woods is able to recite the alphabet, but his speech is slow and slurred. He even appears to be sleeping while he's being handcuffed and searched. 

According to WPBF, Woods' first court appearance related to the suspected DUI will be in Palm Beach County on July 5, 2017.