Katy Perry Reveals She Penned Hit Song About Josh Groban

Hide yo girl—Josh Groban's out here stealing everybody's heart.

Katy Perry, who live-streamed on YouTube for 72 hours in promotion of her album Witness, just revealed who served as inspiration to one of her hit songs: none other than singer Josh Groban.

During a segment with James Corden called "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" on June 11, 2017, Perry was asked to rank her past boyfriends—specifically, Orlando Bloom, John Mayer, and Diplo—in terms of how good they were in the sack. Refusing to compare her past lovers, the pop star instead joked that Groban had to be in the top three. "Josh Groban is in there," she told Corden, before adding, "I'm just kidding."

"No, he's not in there," Perry, 32, clarified. "But I do want to say, people are like, who is 'The One That Got Away' about? That's Groban."

She continued, "He's one of my good friends."

Who would have guessed that Perry's heart once yearned for Groban?

Oh, and Perry later ranked her past loves, after a lot of prodding from Corden. Mayer came out on top, followed by Bloom. Poor Diplo got third.

A public review of your sexual performance? Guess that's just one of the many ugly things that go along with dating Perry.