Celebrity Feuds That Lasted Decades

You ever having a falling out with a friend and, for whatever reason, the two of you just never seem to see eye to eye on the issue ever again? If it's something serious, it's almost understandable, but often times these feuds are born of the silliest of things, like someone cutting down a tree that was on someone else's property. It's no different in Hollywood, where actors, singers, and other famous folks won't just have a momentary Twitter spat with another celeb, they'll spend years, even decades, actively hating one another. Sometimes these conflicts can last whole careers.

Jon Lovitz And Andy Dick

Jon Lovitz really seems like he'd be a genuinely nice guy if you were to meet him in person. Maybe weird and quirky, but certainly nice. That is, of course, unless you're Andy Dick. Jon Lovitz hates Andy Dick and, if what he says is true, he has good reason. According to Lovitz, who replaced Phil Hartman on Newsradio after Hartman's death in 1998, Dick gave cocaine to Hartman's wife at a party back in the late 1990s. Hartman's wife was a recovering addict and subsequently went on to murder her husband and kill herself about a year later. When Lovitz joined the cast, he told Dick he wouldn't even be there if he hadn't given the cocaine to Hartman's wife.

Fast forward nearly a decade and Dick, who's had a history of public intoxication and unwanted behavior, apparently came up to Lovitz at The Laugh Factory and told him he was putting the Phil Hartman Hex on him, and that Lovitz would be the next to die. How did Lovitz respond? According to one witness, he grabbed Dick by the head and slammed him into the bar five times. Suffice it to say it's nearly 20 years later and these two still aren't friends.

Eddie Van Halen And David Lee Roth

Maybe one of the greatest feuds in rock and roll history, David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen just can't get along, a truth made all the more amazing by the fact they still work together. At some point they realized they didn't need to like each other to make music together, so the band is still a semi-functioning unit, even if they aren't recording new material.

Eddie Van Halen has gone on record saying Roth just doesn't want to be his friend. Roth originally left the band way back in 1985 to pursue a solo career and become an actor. Roth even asked Eddie to score the movie he'd left the band to star in. Eddie declined. By 1986, Sammy Hagar was now doing lead vocals for Van Halen and Roth's movie had been canceled. In interviews, both men continued to relate stories of how they worked well together as musicians, but in no other way whatsoever. The band reunited with Roth in 1996, 2000, 2007, and again in 2015. As much as they hate each other, they seem to at least understand they need each other if they want to keep being famous.

David Letterman And Oprah

One of the most well-known feuds in television existed for years between talk show hosts David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey. In fact, it was so long-standing and so frequently joked about that many people knew of it from Dave himself, but never knew what started it in the first place. There had been rumors of Dave telling fat jokes at Oprah's expense that put her off ever being a guest on his show, and some people even believed it stemmed from Dave's stint at the Academy Awards when he made an unfunny but completely inoffensive joke about Oprah and Uma Thurman comparing their names, which amounted to little more than Dave saying 'Oprah, Uma, Uma, Oprah."

In 2010 Dave appeared on the Daily Show and told Jon Stewart that Oprah hated him thanks to a prank he played back in the '90s where, after dining at the same restaurant, he told his waiter that Oprah would be picking up his check and then waved to her. When Oprah waved back, it confirmed to the waiter she was buying, a trick you may recall from the movie Dumb and Dumber. But even that wasn't the true story. As Oprah explained to Dave on her show Oprah's Next Chapter in 2013, she never really hated him, but she had been a guest on his show years past and felt extremely uncomfortable as a result of the way Dave and the audience seemed to be making fun of her.

For his part, Dave apologized after hearing her point of view and said he'd be embarrassed to see the tape of any of that now. It seemed like the two genuinely reconciled, but it was a long time coming.

Liam And Noel Gallagher

Oasis emerged as one of the biggest bands of the '90s, which was incredible given the animosity between Liam and Noel, frontmen and brothers who just despise each other. Despite selling 70 million albums, the brothers had long been unable to overcome their squabbles to work together for very long. In fact, the band broke up in 2009 literally backstage before a show.

Noel says the fight started over Liam's clothing line. Liam wanted to be able to sell clothing to fans at shows, which Noel didn't agree to. This was on top of Liam missing shows because he was hung over and threatening journalists and other musicians at random press conferences. But as the two argued over advertising clothes, Liam ended up getting a guitar from his dressing room and trying to beat his brother with it, effectively killing Oasis in the process.

Keep in mind, that was just the fight that ended the band. Leading up to that had been occasions when the brothers would break out in fights right in the middle of songs and just stop playing to piss the other one off. This was clearly a band that was never meant to be and brothers who just shouldn't work together. Ever.

Bette Davis And Joan Crawford

There may be no greater Hollywood feud than Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. It lasted their entire careers and ended only in the death of Crawford, and even then Davis had nothing nice to say. These two women couldn't have disliked each other more.

The feud was arguably the fault of Davis, who for undisclosed reasons never liked Crawford at all. Crawford was an established star when Davis first got into the limelight, and maybe it was nothing more than jealousy that fueled her. Whatever the case, she really seemed to resent the amount of attention that Crawford got from the media. Things came to a head on the set of a movie called Dangerous, in which Davis co-starred with Franchot Tone, a man who was dating Crawford. Davis fell in love with him, either genuinely or out of spite, but either way it didn't work as he still married Crawford.

In time Davis rose to be as big a star as Crawford and the two ended up having adjacent dressing rooms on the studio lot. Crawford tried to bury the hatchet but Davis would have none of it. Their feud came to a boil and one couldn't even refer to the other without calling each other names and spreading rumors. They'd even insult each other's children, anything to get a dig in at the other. So naturally they made a movie together, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, in which their rage dominated the set. Name-calling, physical violence, and even Bette Davis weighing herself down to force Crawford, who had back problems, to drag her out of the room for one scene and injure herself, were all included.

Davis ended up being nominated for an Oscar but it was Crawford on stage when Davis lost, accepting on behalf of the winner who didn't show up, that was the final straw. By the time Crawford died, Davis had nothing to say but "you should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good...Joan Crawford is dead. Good."