Which This Is Us Star Told His Wife He Actually Loved His Co-Star?

Maybe life really does imitate art.

With the sixth and final season on the horizon, the "This Is Us" cast recently took a trip down memory lane with E! News and even shared a few tricks of the trade – including the art of fully immersing oneself into character. "We both agreed that from action to cut, for all intents and purposes, we're a married couple," actor Milo Ventimiglia explained about the undeniable chemistry he shared with co-star Mandy Moore. "At the Upfronts, I remember Mandy and I sitting to the side and I said, 'Let's always talk. Let's always communicate. Just like a real relationship, just like a real married couple. Let's make sure that that's the foundation of what we do.'"

Alas, it appears one of the series' stars took that acting advice just a little too much to heart... but which one? The answer might surprise you. 

Sterling K. Brown told his wife he loves Susan Kelechi Watson

"This Is Us" actor Sterling K. Brown told his real-life wife, Ryan Michelle Bathé, that he loved his on-screen wife, Susan Kelechi Watson — but don't call tabloid talk show host Jerry Springer just yet.

During a candid interview with E! News, Brown explained that he employed the same method of acting as his co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore. "I told my wife early on, I said, 'Ry, I want to say this to you in person because you'll probably hear me say this in different interviews, but I love Susan Kelechi Watson,'" he revealed. "'I don't love her in a way that is disrespectful. I don't love her in a way that you have anything to worry about. I love her spirit, her soul, the way in which she approaches the work.' There's a certain level of playfulness I always know I can count on when Sue and I have a scene with one another," he continued.

Fortunately for Brown, it appears his wife understands as she is a successful actor in her own right. "Sterling and I have been in the game for a long time. We go back to college. We've learned that there are certain minefields and pitfalls in our relationship, like a slalom, we just move right past them," Bathé told E! News in 2017. "Rehearsing together is one of those things."