Who Is Good Bones' Cory Miller?

When it comes to reality TV, shows are a dime a dozen, and each cable channel has its own special focus. For instance, HGTV runs an impressive list of home renovation shows that feature everything from DIY interior decorating to whole house rehab projects. One in particular, "Good Bones," is especially popular for taking a home that doesn't have much going for it, stripping it down to the initial framework, and reconstructing it to completely remodel the home and make it livable again. 

The mother-daughter team responsible for the Indianapolis-based show is Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk, who became business partners and founded the company Two Chicks and a Hammer. It's obvious, especially if you've caught the show, that these two women know their stuff when it comes to construction. And it's as equally as clear they needed a team of hard-working individuals to help them finish the jobs, as home reno is no cakewalk, folks!

Once Karen retired from "Good Bones" in 2019, Mina needed more support, and one person in particular — the company's project manager, Cory Miller — really stepped up to the plate. 

Cory Miller has an adorable pet pig

If you've caught an episode of "Good Bones," it's likely that you've seen project manager, Cory Miller, who has worked with Mina Starsiak-Hawk and Karen Laine since 2016. He's the guy who helps Mina get things done and motivates everyone else on the team. However, there are some interesting things you might not know about Cory that make for great conversation pieces if you happen to know any other fans of the show, "Good Bones." 

For instance, while Cory Miller isn't technically related to either Karen Laine or Mina, he's known them so long he might as well be. You see, Screen Rant notes that Miller went to high school with Mina. They even have a nickname for their right-hand man. Apparently, according to Screen Rant, Cory often goes by the name "Toey," because Mina's niece, Julie couldn't pronounce his given name. "We just rolled with it," Cory explained in an Instagram comment.  

Cory's pet pig, Topher, is also a centerpiece to this working man's life. Not only does he play a huge role in the content Cory posts to his Instagram feed, but the sweet aminal also has his own Instagram account and apparently isn't shy about posing for the camera. "The Notorious P.I.G," Topher's IG bio boasts. "Just a Small town oinker living life to the fullest with my momma and siblings." From swimming in a kiddie pool to doing yoga, Topher is one busy pig!

Cory Miller has many different interests

It's easy to think because he's so heavily involved with Two Chicks and a Hammer and the reality show "Good Bones" that Cory Miller's life must revolve around construction, which isn't necessarily untrue. But that's not all this talented guy has going on. When he was dating a nurse named Shelby (it appears they're no longer together), he spent a considerable amount of time caring for a whole host of animals, including another pig besides Topher, as well as dogs, cats, and even chickens. On top of all that, the now-exes once fostered rescue animals. However, there's one animal Cory does not like. "I freaking hate, hate mice and anything with a tail that doesn't have fur on it!" he shared with Indianapolis Monthly in August. "Season 7, which we are filming now, has a house packed full of freaking mice! Hell no ... burn it down!"

When he's not running filming for HGTV or running away from mice, Cory does contracting work, and in November, he traveled to South Carolina to work on two Airbnb's for a horse farm. He also hangs out with his good pal Mina, with the two teaming up for a hilarious YouTube video in February where they tasted wines. "I'm very interested to see if Cory actually knows the difference between like, a pinot grigio or a pinot noir," Mina joked. 

Season 7 of "Good Bones" will premiere in summer 2022, according to Deadline, and in the meantime, fans can keep up with Cory and Topher on Instagram.