Serena Williams' Fiance Alexis Ohanian Turns To Reddit For Parenting Tips

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has turned to his popular site for advice as he prepares to take on the role of dad this fall.

And on Monday, June 19, 2017, Serena Williams' 34-year-old fiancé opened up to Today Parents about the best parenting tips that Reddit has provided him.

"My favorite [tip]," he shared, "is to sleep with a blanket for like a month before the due date so you get your dad scent all over it, and then wrap the baby in it once it shows up, so they're not just immediately bonding with mom, but also getting a bit of dad."

The savvy businessman also noted, "Same goes for pets, except the opposite. Introduce them to the child using a blanket that's been wrapped around the baby." This piece of advice will be particularly useful when the happy couple introduce their first child to Williams' famously adorable dog Chip.

Ohanian added, "Apparently snaps on baby PJs are nonsense — zippers are far more practical, despite not making that satisfying snap noise when you get baby dressed." Huh, who knew?

However, the dad-to-be is keeping things in perspective. "Humans who have been far less equipped than us have been successfully parenting for thousands of years," he said. "So I'm trying not to overthink it, but it's easy in today's connected world to get overwhelmed."

Still, he's ready for this next step in his life — and all of the changes that will come with it. "The other theme that I've read on Reddit, but also heard from all of the new dads around the office — we've had quite a few recently — is to expect all of my priorities to change almost immediately because this will be the most important thing I'll ever do." As Ohanian expressed, "Challenge accepted."

As Nicki Swift previously reported, tennis champion Williams, 35, accidentally revealed her pregnancy to the world via Snapchat when she shared a photo of her baby bump with the caption "20 weeks" in April 2017. 

Williams and Ohanian sweetly announced their engagement on Reddit in December 2016.