The Tragic Death Of Actor Jack Hedley

British Actor Jack Hedley died on December 11 at 92 after succumbing to an undisclosed "short illness," per the Times of London. The character actor appeared in notable films such as the James Bond installment "For Your Eyes Only," where played Sir Timothy Havelock. He also had a brief appearance as a reporter in "Lawrence of Arabia" which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, per the Daily News. Although those were the most noteworthy films of Hedley's extensive filmography, they were not the roles he was best remembered for.

From 1972 till 1974, Hedley played Lieutenant Colonel John Preston on the British series "Colditz," per IMDb. As news of Hedley's death spread, fans paid tribute to the actor and his character. "Very sorry to read the actor Jack Hedley has died. For me, he will forever be the Senior British Officer in Colditz (BBC-TV 1972-4) which brought the dramas of life in that POW castle in Saxony to my generation," one fan of the series tweeted. "So sad to hear of the death of Jack Hedley. One of our greatest character actors. R.I.P, Jack. All sympathies to his family and friends. Love him in Colditz," another added.

But military characters weren't the only roles Hedley enjoyed.

Jack Hedley had fun playing this suave character

Jack Hedley once joined the Royal Marines, and it likely helped him in his portrayal of Lieutenant Colonel John Preston on "Colditz." Hedley continued to put his former military service to use when he played ex-serviceman Alan Haldane in the short-lived series "Who Pays the Ferryman," per Movie Fone. In the show, Hedley's character moves to a small town in Greece called Elounda to develop its tourism. Filming "Ferryman" had a real-life impact on the village during filming and to this day. "And though the series has fallen from the radar, it's still remembered in Elounda," writer Matthew Sweet tweeted in 2019. 

Of course, the star enjoyed branching out, too. "It's refreshing to be given a part in which I can wear smart clothes, drive fast cars and have a mews house in London," Hedley said about portraying an undercover agent in "The World of Tim Frazer," according to The Guardian. "It certainly makes a change from the neurotics I've played in the past."

As for his family, Hedley is survived by his two sons — James and Jonathan.