90 Day Fiance: Why Mohamed Refused To Kiss Danielle At Their Wedding

Reality TV lends itself to the idea that real life, or as close as you're going to get on television, runs on drama. And no reality TV show has more drama than that of TLC's major hit, "90 Day Fiance." This show has a little bit of everything to hook even the most unique critic of reality TV. From massive age gaps and family issues to the K-1 visa process, this show has it all.  

One of the most controversial couples to grace the "90 Day Fiance," stage is that of Danielle Jbali (née Mullins) and her now ex-husband, Mohamed Jbali. The couple originally met in an online chat room, according to Screen Rant, before applying to be on Season 2 of the popular reality show. From there, things between the two seemed to go from bad to worse as the couple tried to work through lies on both sides and issues with finances and intimacy, on top of other areas where they didn't see eye-to-eye. 

One major issue the couple tried to overcome was that lack of intimacy that caused Mohamed to even refuse to kiss his bride on their wedding day.

Danielle and Mohamed fought over a lack of intimacy

Fans of "90 Day Fiance" know there's no love lost between former married couple Danielle Jbali (née Mullins) and Mohamed Jbali. Now divorced, they put each other through hell trying to make their marriage work, but in the end, their personal issues were insurmountable. Aside from the lies both Danielle and Mohamed discovered, their obvious lack of intimacy became huge fodder for fans and critics of the show to poke at. 

While Danielle demanded sex from Mohamed, he was so put off by his new wife that he even refused to kiss her on their wedding day. According to Screen Rant, Mohamed seemed to try and save face during a "90 Day Fiance: The Single Life" Season 1 Tell-All, in which he was pressed by host Shaun Robinson to elaborate on their intimacy troubles, "We began facing a problem." When pressed further, Mohamed added (via Cheat Sheet), "I don't want to say, like this is very private. Instead of taking care of that problem, she began fighting with me over it." Danielle had no shame in telling fans and viewers alike that Mohamed complained about her smelling bad. "This is something that, no man in the world can accept that," he said. Meanwhile, she claimed, "He has told people that I smell, and that I peed on him."

Of course, intimacy wasn't the only issue this couple had. They also had trouble being honest with one another, and Danielle's financial troubles even caused Mohamed to call the police on his wife.

Mohamed and Danielle make peace

As one of the most controversial couples to ever grace the "90 Day Fiance" stage, Danielle Jbali (née Mullins) and Mohamed Jbali certainly gave fans a lot to talk about during their Season 2 run on the show. And as destructive as their divorce process was, with Mohamed begging Danielle not to get an annulment, the two seemed to have buried the hatchet and found some peace with one another. 

According to ET, Mohamed revealed that he and Danielle were each making their peace with how their relationship ended. "It's a good time to make some peace. I hope now that she sees that I'm not the bad guy that she always thought I am. You know, it's been back and forth between me and Danielle apologizing to each other for stuff that we said about each other."

The two seem to be on relatively friendly terms, per Screen Rant, and Mohamed even commented on her capping ceremony, saying, "Congratulations...you are on the right path and deserve happiness. You have my support as always." Whether or not these two keep their friendship going remains to be seen, but at least they're giving it a solid try.