Here's Why David Beckham Is Getting Roasted Over His Family Photo

David Beckham may be known as a soccer legend and a style icon, but he is also known for embarrassing his kids with typical dad humor. In December 2015, David uploaded a photo of Brooklyn Beckham to Instagram with the intention of embarrassing his son. The former Manchester United star uploaded a snap of Brooklyn seated next to a man wearing a sort of leprechaun costume. "Brooklyn looking his cool self... Sorry but I had to post this.. Love you big boy," David wrote in the caption. That same month, David called out Brooklyn on Instagram when the teenager tried to show off a vintage sweater. "Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren," he wrote in the post, via TODAY. Shortly after, dad-mode David popped in the comments to call out his son. "That's my jumper," he wrote.

The Beckham's patriarch is not the only one who is guilty of making cringe-worthy comments online, though. To celebrate Cruz Beckham turning 12 years old, Victoria Beckham gushed over her son on his birthday. "Happy birthday beautiful boy x ... Can't believe you are 12 years old today!!!! Lots of love and kisses x," Victoria wrote in an Instagram post from February 2017.

In January 2015, when their son Romeo Beckham was 12 years old, David admitted that he intentionally embarrassed his son on school drop-offs. "I will then pick him up and give him a bear hug and kiss him in front of his friends," David said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" But Romeo got the last laugh when his dad got trolled for a family photo he posted.

David Beckham did this to look taller

In celebration of Christmas, David Beckham shared a lovely family photo to his Instagram page on December 26. Victoria Beckham rocked a festive dark green dress while the couple's sons, Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, and Cruz Beckham matched their dad in dark suits. Their daughter, Harper Beckham, wore a blue dress as she stood in the center, while the family posed in front of their Christmas tree. Fans noticed that David was standing awkwardly, and they started to roast him in the comments.

Keen-eyed followers quickly pointed out that David was standing on his tippy-toes to make himself appear taller next to his son, Romeo. "Haha give the guy some high heels," one fan joked. "LOL, use a stool next time David," another added. The commenters were relentless. "It's ok if your sons are taller than you David not everything has to be a competition where your in the lead," one Instagram user replied. "Becks is tip toeing ..the sons are taking over in the height department," another follower wrote.

In the past, David and Romeo have openly clowned each other over their heights. Romeo posted a photo next to David on Instagram as "proof" that he is now taller than his dad in December 2019. "Someone's claiming to be taller than his dad but look closer at his two-inch shoes," the soccer icon wrote, while reposting the snap to his Instagram Stories (via Hello!). Two years later, it was David who tried to make himself look taller next to his son.