Drew Barrymore's Daughters Are Basically Her Twins

Drew Barrymore had a rough childhood, but she has blossomed into quite the woman and accomplished actress in recent years. She won a Golden Globe for her work in Grey Gardens and currently stars on the hit Netflix comedy Santa Clara Diet. In addition, she has become well-known for her charity work and for her make-up line, Flower Beauty.

However, Drew's favorite achievement to date has been her two daughters, Olive and Frankie. The young girls are mirror images of their mother at their age, but the family ties don't just stop at the physical resemblance. Drew, who says that she absolutely loves motherhood, has worked hard to instill positive values in her children and to ensure that they will have wonderful and productive lives.

Here are all the ways in which Drew and her daughters are basically twins.

They love physical activity

Drew and her daughters all know the value of getting a little sweaty sometimes, and they respect the benefits of physical activity. Drew is a frequent poster on Instagram about her hot yoga and spin classes, and sometimes her daughters even join in on the fitness fun. The actress told People that, for her, exercise is more about having fun than being crazy thin. She said that her routine of kickboxing, yoga and going on the elliptical a few days a week "is more for mental."

"Having a hot body is just not my thing," she told the magazine. "I care a little, I don't care a lot." She added, "I would much rather have my kids and look a little worse in a bathing suit.

She appears to have instilled this desire for exercise for fun in her children, posting pictures of them joining her in fun physical activities like doing yoga and going in a ball pit (the best physical activity, in our opinion).

They know the value of taking a day off

Time off is important to keeping up your mental health, something which Drew knows very well. She and her daughters frequently take vacations (and stay-cations) which Drew documents on social media. Barrymore vacationed with friends in Vegas after finalizing her divorce from Frankie and Olive's father, Will Kopelman, leaving the kids at home. However, she has brought them with her on a summer vacation to Nantucket, along with day trips sailing and to the beach."#kidsmakeeverythingsofun," she wrote.

They're friends to the animals

Drew Barrymore has always been a friend to the animals; the actress was honored in May 2016 for her work with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) at an event that raised nearly $1.4 million for the non-profit's efforts to improve the lives of animals all across the United States. She was also given the ASPCA Compassion Award for her "outstanding contributions to animal welfare."

"You have a relationship with pets that is unspoken; it is without words," Barrymore said while accepting the award. "And sure we could all deal with a little less words in a relationships sometimes. We should just follow the dogs! There is such profoundness in connectivity and energy and altruism that we have with our animals, especially rescue animals, and they feel it back. And there is some level of symbiotic gratitude because you do save each other."

Her daughters have clearly inherited her love of animals, with Olive showing off her humanitarian skills by helping out some baby turtles in an adorable pic on Drew's Instagram. Clearly their mother has done a great job in instilling a love of all furry creatures in the two youngsters!

Bonus: Drew's make-up line, Flower Beauty, never tests on animals, showing that the actress puts her money where her mouth is when it comes to her beliefs.

They appreciate the environment.

Drew loves the outdoors, something she has proven through her charity work and through her eco-friendly make-up line Flower Beauty, which uses botanical-infused cosmetics and other natural products.

Barrymore was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election campaign and cited climate change as one of the issues that caused her to throw herself behind the Democratic candidate. "There's so much at stake with global affairs, the Supreme Court, environmental [issues]," she said to CNN. "Your vote counts the most in this election because nothing is a guarantee. Not your state, the way it swings. Not your candidate, nothing. Everything is completely intangible right now. So I feel like, instead of it being the vitriol, it's empowering. This is the most every vote counts."

Barrymore took her kids with her to vote and said that she wants to instill a sense of civic duty in them, including standing up for the Earth. She's shown off her efforts towards this already by showing her kids appreciating nature in photos on her Instagram page, teaching them the value of the great outdoors.

Drew's daughters are also making her a better person

Drew has spoken out on numerous occasions about how being a mother has made her a better person. "Being a mom is everything in the world," the actress, who has a tattoo on her arm of her daughter's names, told Entertainment Tonight. "I feel like I was born the day my kids were, and everything in life was like an experiment to learn to apply to them."

"I love my kids—I feel so blessed," she added. "I feel like I've never been better as a person [than I am] through my family."

"Children's charity is what speaks to me. It has for the last 15 years," Barrymore told Parade, adding that she thinks her charity work helped to prepare her for having children. "I think maybe the universe was preparing me to have a relationship and care for and a dedication with children so that I would be better mother. Up until then, I had such a hard time with kids. I was never a kid myself, I didn't hang around with kids, I felt like kids were like, 'Beat it, weirdo.' I really did [feel] kind of, 'Oh, God, will I ever connect with kids?' And it turns out, they're my whole life mission. Life can always take most dramatic of turns that you can't anticipate."

The reason Drew loves posting photos of her daughters will make you cry

Barrymore also provided a heartwarming reason for her frequent sharing of adorable photos of her daughters.

"When I was growing up, I always admired families who had framed pictures in their homes, on the walls, on a shelf," she told Parade. "It was just a romanticism that I always dreamed of having one day myself, and now that I have children, there are framed pictures exploding everywhere."

Basically, Drew Barrymore and her daughters are perfect in every way.