Why Kylie Is Insanely Jealous Of Kendall

Little sisters are often jealous of their older sisters. It's a pretty common sibling dynamic. But it's pronounced for Kendall and Kylie Jenner—and not just because their lives unfold in front of millions of eyes because of their status as reality TV stars and as satellite Kardashians with millions of social media followers. Kendall has embarked on a serious career and is on her way to becoming a supermodel. Yes, she likely broke into that world because of her family's fame. Yet she's still working it and paying her dues. Meanwhile, her little sister and Kris Jenner's youngest offspring Kylie is famous for being famous. Kylie clearly has some feelings of insane jealousy as Kendall struts her stuff on runways while she's left to post Instagram photos and get pity gigs walking in brother-in-law Kanye West's fashion shows.

Kendall Has A Cindy Crawford-Like Supermodel Career Ahead Of Her

Kendall is a legit model on her way to attaining Cindy Crawford-like, supermodel status. She has exploded over the course of 2015 and is the toast of a fashion scene. Her face is everywhere: on Marc Jacobs and Chanel runways, in Estee Lauder ads, and in Balmain for H&M commercials. She is scoring major modeling gigs and is ubiquitous in the high fashion world. That has to sting for her baby sister, who is just two years younger and still figuring out who she is and what she wants to be.

Meanwhile, Kylie Is Famous For Her Lips And Who She Dates

While Kendall's career is what everyone's talking about, Kylie remains merely Insta-famous. She is known for her inflated lips, which are the work of injections, and who she does or doesn't date (she's hooked up with rapper Tyga). So, in that realm, Kylie is known for very Kardashian-like pursuits, whereas Kendall is not. No one talks about who Kendall's dating. She's too busy actually working and actually earning a living in the most fabulous way possible.

Kendall Is the Quiet Killer And Anti-Kardashian

Kylie is a lot like Kim and Khloe Kardashian. That is, she shows off her assets on social media and on their reality show. She lets it all hang out for the world to see. Kendall is the anti-Kardashian and is much more reserved; she is the quiet killer of the family. While Kylie's app performed best and caused her to be "kristened" the most popular of the sisters in 2015, she doesn't stand apart since she follows in the family's Louboutins. Kendall has mystique, mystery, and arouses plenty of curiosity since she stands apart. She is the rarity in the family because she doesn't act like the rest of them.

They Tiffed Over A Dress, But It Wasn't Really About A Dress

During an episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians—because where else?— Kendall and Kylie had a major tiff over Kendall wanting to borrow one of Kylie's dresses for an event. The youngest Jenner sister was adamant about not letting her sister leave the house with one of her favorite dresses and Kendall unleashed a torrent of cuss words, calling her baby sis the "b" and a "c" words. It was just a dress, yet it felt like it was Kylie's way of exerting control over her sister and not bending to her will. She would not give in and wanted to retain the upper hand.

They Have An Unspoken Tension

Sure, they're bonded by the fact that they're the Jenner Sisters and they aren't Kardashians by birthright. They have the shared experience of dealing with the Bruce Jenner's transition into Caitlyn. But there is some unspoken tension between them. They air-kiss on Instagram. They pretend to post lovey dovey captions. But it all feels orchestrated for the cameras of both their iPhones and of the E! production team.