Is Sara Ramirez Going To Return To Grey's Anatomy?

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, it can be hard to stay true to one's self. Few know that better than Sara Ramirez. Ramirez has always been a champion of themself, taking steps to grow both as an individual and an artist. Ramirez even came out publicly as non-binary in 2020, according to Glamour. Their role as bisexual icon Dr. Callie Torres on "Grey's Anatomy" was groundbreaking for the LGBTQ+ community, but when it was time for Ramirez the actor to take a break after a decade of "Grey's," they did what they needed to do.

"The biggest challenge has been staying true to myself, while at the same time honoring and respecting the needs of my LGBTQ+ community to ensure that I am being intentional in my privilege," they told Glamour. Ramirez went on to say they educate themselves "as much as possible," while seeking support if they need to speak up in the event writers or showrunners aren't "getting it right."

So, now that "Grey's Anatomy" has introduced its first non-binary doctor and made huge strides in representation, it might be a good time for Dr. Torres to return. Is Ramirez open to it?

Dr. Callie Torres was 'the role of a lifetime'

Actors are often changed by the roles they play. Unsurprisingly, the years Sara Ramirez spent playing Dr. Callie Torres changed them. They recently opened up to People about their time at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. "It taught me so much, portraying a character that a lot of folks had not seen on TV including myself," they said. "I will always have a soft tender place in my heart for that work family and that role. It was the role of a lifetime."

Ramirez left "Grey's Anatomy" at the end of Season 12 after a decade on the show, but they are more than happy to make a comeback. They told People they would be "completely open" to making a return as Dr. Torres if it makes sense to the story and can happen "organically." In today's much different television landscape, Dr. Torres would have a warm welcome back. Her character is still the longest-running LGBTQ+ character in TV history after 11 seasons and 239 episodes, per Out.

Sara Ramirez is shaking things up for Sex and the City sequel

Just as their former "Grey's Anatomy" home is kicking representation up a notch with its first non-binary character, Sara Ramirez is doing the same. They play the first non-binary character in the "Sex and the City" franchise in the new show "And Just Like That..." Ramirez plays Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) podcast producer Che Diaz. Obviously, Carrie had to make a career pivot, because print sex columns don't pay for those massive Manhattan closets.

Ramirez fits right into the dynamo cast of this "SATC" sequel, which executive producer Michael Patrick King absolutely recognized. "Sara is a one-of-a-kind talent, equally at home with comedy and drama — and we feel excited and inspired to create this new character for the show," he said in a statement, per TV Insider.

Dr. Callie Torres' "Grey's" exit to move to New York City makes so much sense now. Still, fans would love to see her return to Seattle — even if it's just a quick visit.