George Lucas Tells Autograph Seekers To Get A Job

George Lucas is apparently not a big fan of his fans. 

TMZ caught up with the Star Wars creator as he was being swarmed by fans seeking his signature. Though he obliged a few of them, Lucas suddenly told one man, "No, I'm not going to keep doing that, guys. This is $200 a signature, so why don't you just go out and get a job?" 

Lucas speculates that the crowd is only there to obtain free memorabilia that they can turn around and sell. 

Someone off-camera can be heard saying, "They just want to put it on eBay."

Lucas then says, "These people are here to make money. They're not fans. They don't care. They just want to make money." After refusing to sign another man's poster, Lucas says, "I just signed...he just got a thousand dollars worth of stuff, if you want." 

The man who sold the rights to the Star Wars franchise to Disney for over $4 billion also seemed irritated by questions about his beloved creation. 

When asked if he had any advice for Ron Howard, who recently took over as director for the upcoming Han Solo movie, Lucas replied, "Nope, not my job." When asked how he feels about Mark Hamill receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Lucas said, "I think that's fine."