Celeb Kids Who Were In Rehab Before 18

It's not a stretch for a celebrity to end up in rehab. These days, any kind of scandal whatsoever results in a quick trip to a cliffside Malibu resort where the crème de la crème can be treated for anything from substance abuse to exhaustion. While rehab can be a useful PR move to get a star out of the public eye for a few weeks, sometimes a celebrity genuinely needs it, especially in the case of famous kids. And we're not talking about after their youthful stardom, when the fame is fading and the depressing realities of adulthood are settling in. This is a list of celebrity kids who desperately needed help before they could legally vote.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was born into a Hollywood legacy family in 1975. She didn't take long to join the business, with roles credited as early as three-years-old. But by 1988, she was in rehab for alcohol and cocaine use. For those of you who slept through math class, that's 13-years-old. We get that she comes from a famous family, and got into the movie business young, but come on. Being an alcoholic, coke addict at 13? The good news is that it took her less than ten years to hit her stride again with Scream, even if she had to suffer a gruesome on-screen death to do it. But without that comeback, we may never have gotten those two Charlie's Angels reboots and her Adam Sandler collaborations, which would have been a genuine tragedy. We've never so desperately needed a sarcasm font before that last sentence, although it's unfair to lump The Wedding Singer into that heap of snark, because that movie is a classic.

Demi Lovato

While touring with the Jonas Brothers for Disney's Camp Rock 2, Demi Lovato punched a backup dancer in the face during a flight to Peru. That was the punctuation of what Lovato later recognized as a downward spiral into addiction and mental illness that included an eating disorder and bipolar disorder. That's a volatile mix for any teenager to deal with, let alone on top of the pressure of performing in Disney's child star pressure cooker. The list of Disney kids turned derelict is long, including Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Shia LaBeouf. But Demi Lovato was the youngest one to hit the skids. The plane pummeling and subsequent rehab entry happened when she was just 18, which means while you thought you were super cool buying your first legal pack of smokes, Angela from Barney was boozing it up and knocking people out at 30,000 feet.

Prince Harry

Being born with royal blood gives you a lifetime pass on bad behavior, right? Quite the opposite, actually. Prince Harry spent many scandalous years figuring this out until it all came to a head when his "naked billiards session" at the Wynn Resort & Casino in Vegas hit tabloid covers worldwide. But that was in 2012. We need to flip the calendar back over a decade, to 2001 when the young prince was just 17, to arrive at his first rehab stint back in London. According to The Daily Mail, Harry's father, Prince Charles, intervened after Harry got into "a mock fight during a late night pool playing session" at a pub. The incident made headlines and followed other reports of Harry's drinking and drug-use at private parties, so it was time for the royal family to save face. Harry went to rehab and clearly took a while to learn his lesson, which in retrospect should probably have been: never mix alcohol and pool tables, Harry. For you, for some strange reason, that's an explosive combo.

Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment saw dead people, but apparently he had trouble spotting a mailbox when he plowed into one while drunk driving in 2006. Luckily, he only suffered minor injuries, but he did get sentenced to three years' probation, three months of Alcoholics Anonymous, a $1,500 dollar fine, and 60 hours of alcohol rehabilitation. Having just turned 18 at the time, that qualifies him for this list. Granted, he could have knocked out his rehab stint in a week and a half—or just one if there was overtime available— but imagine if his parents would have just bought him one of those cool white Jeeps with the steering wheel on the passenger side like he asked? Could have avoided this whole ugly incident.

Mary-Kate Olsen

According to Celebrity Net Worth, towards the end of her extremely successful Full House run, Mary-Kate Olsen and her sister Ashley founded Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC, the company that would eventually facilitate them an estimated combined net worth of $300 million dollars. Through brand licensing of "books, posters, school supplies, and apparel," not to mention their many direct-to-video releases, the twins built a fortune while Mary-Kate struggled privately with anorexia. She entered rehab for the eating disorder after wide speculation about her increasingly thin appearance reached a fever pitch just after her eighteenth birthday. Which must have been just awesome to go through, because nothing reinforces you're already skewed body image like everyone constantly discussing about your body in the press.

Rose McGowan

Born in France to Children of God cult members, Rose McGowan probably wasn't in any danger of having a normal upbringing. But even the term "nontraditional" falls short of describing McGowan's formative years. According to Pennsylvania's Observer-Reporter, McGowan claims she was "locked into a drug rehab clinic" when she was only 14, because her mom's boyfriend suspected her of using drugs. She denies the claim, and places responsibility for the suspicion on her black clothes, thin appearance, and fondness for cutting up "little lines of Sweet'n Low to test her doctor's tempers." So yeah, while being forced into rehab for admittedly spurious reasons is a nightmare, playing Scarface with the the artificial sweeteners isn't a normal pastime of most teenagers. That would be like trying to explain to your parents how stabbing the eyes out of your Beanie Babies with a steak knife is just innocent play and in no way would lead to a federal manhunt someday. Sorry Rose, we're kind of with your crazy parents on this one, but we thought you were badass in Planet Terror, if that's any consolation.