The Sassy Way David Beckham Just Proved His Relationship With Victoria Is Still Going Strong

Unlike most of the soccer-obsessed world, Victoria Beckham barely knew who David Beckham was when she met him in 1997. "I was never into football," the Posh Spice told W Magazine in 2007. David, on the other hand, was acutely aware of who Victoria was. David admitted to watching videos of the Spice Girls and noting how good-looking he found Victoria to be, as he told the Independent in 2004. Two years later, the Spice Girls alum and the British soccer star tied the knot, giving rise to what would become one of the world's hottest and longest celeb pairings. Often dubbed "Posh and Becks" in the media, the Beckhams built a strong image over the years.

Before becoming husband and wife, Victoria and David became parents, welcoming their first son, Brooklyn, in March 1999, as The Telegraph reported. When they married four months later, Brooklyn acted as the ring bearer, according to Fox News. The Beckhams added a second son, Romeo, in September 2002, and a third, Cruz, in February 2005. After having three boys, David and Victoria expressed the desire to have a girl, a source told Grazia (via People) in 2006. The Beckhams gave their sons a sister a few years later, welcoming Harper in July 2010, People reported. 

Throughout their marriage, Posh and Becks weathered many a divorce and infidelity rumor, as Us Weekly pointed out. But they continue to prove their relationship is as strong as ever.

David Beckham made '***hole' Victoria lunch

Victoria and David Beckham might be married for more than two decades, but their playfulness has not diminished. Victoria proved that their love — and sense of humor — is still going strong with an Instagram Story on January 12 (via the Daily Mail). The Posh Spice captured a photo of a Tupperware with a Post-It noted across the lid. "Enjoy lunch ****hole... Come home happier. Lots of love, you know who," the note read. Victoria added a message below the snap, suggesting she was having a less-than-optimal time before taking off. "Even when I'm grumpy he looks after me! Thank you for my lunch," Victoria quipped, tagging her husband on the post.

Victoria and David often document their shared life on their Instagram pages. David uploaded videos and photos from New Year's Eve, stating Victoria and their children are "the people I'm most thankful for." Victoria teased David on Christmas Eve by posting a clip that showed him roasting nuts in the fireplace while singing his heart out, unaware of being filmed. "Does anyone love Christmas as much as my husband?!?" she captioned the post.

Victoria attributes the success of her marriage to their special bond. "We're very supportive of each other. He's an incredible dad and a wonderful husband. And we have a lot of fun. We support each other with everything that we do. But it's about having fun and enjoying that person's company," she said on Good Morning America in October 2021.