Lena Dunham Fires Back At Animal Shelter After Conflicting Accounts Of Her Dog's History

The Girls star is not okay with what an animal shelter had to say about her dog Lamby, who she says "suffered abuse as a pup."

After Lena Dunham opened up with her Instagram followers about giving away her precious dog due to his "challenging behavior and aggression," the animal shelter where she originally adopted Lamby called B.S. on the actress' story.

BARC Shelter spokesman Robert Vazquez told Yahoo Celebrity that their records show that Lamby had no history of abuse. "He was 'owner surrendered, not enough time,' so we do not know where she got 'multiple owners that abused the dog,'" he revealed to the website, referencing Dunham's New Yorker piece where she claimed that Lamby had had three previous homes.

"When she adopted the dog from us, it wasn't crazy," Vazquez, who says he's been in charge of the Brooklyn shelter for nearly 15 years, went on. "I have pictures of the dog loving on Lena and her mom, which is weird if the dog was abused. It wouldn't be cuddling with her or be in the bed with her 'boyfriend' in the pages of Vogue."

But Dunham, 31, insists that she knows the history of her former pet, and it doesn't line up with what Vazquez alleges. "It's come to my attention that the staff at the shelter where I adopted Lamby have a very different account of his early life and behavioral issues than I do," Dunham shared on Instagram on Thursday, July 6, 2017. "While I'm sorry to have disappointed them, I can't apologize. Lamby was and is one of the great loves of my life. When I met him I knew we'd have an amazing journey. But his aggression – which was unpredictable- and his particular issues, which remain myriad, weren't manageable, at least not by me."

"I would never say an unkind word about the staff of BARC, what they do is amazing and life saving for these animals- but we have different accounts of Lamby's behavior and they were not present in my home nor did they live with him for an extended period," she wrote, noting the pain she experiencing giving Lamby up. "They did not witness the consistent and responsible care I provided. "

Dunham, who added that she still supports Lamby financially, concluded, "I know I'm a lot of fun to place your issues on, but I won't let anyone hang their hat on this peg. Not this time."

So who's telling the truth—Dunham or Vasquez? Who knows—but it sure sounds like just another sketchy thing about Lena Dunham.