Report: Police Called To Demi Lovato's Hollywood Hills Home

Yikes. Sounds like there may have been an attempted burglary at Demi Lovato's Los Angeles, Calif. home.

TMZ reports that a man wearing all black clothing and a black baseball cap made it past Lovato's security gate before midnight on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. He allegedly climbed up Lovato's house in Hollywood Hills with a ladder, making it to a balcony before the singer's dogs started barking.

When a house manager, alerted by the dogs, checked around the home, he or she spotted the trespasser looking into Lovato's bedroom window. Creepy!

The manager then called 911, but the stranger was gone before police arrived.

Fortunately, Lovato wasn't home at the time of the incident. She's been in Boston, Mass., promoting her new song "Sorry Not Sorry." According to MTV News, the 24-year-old threw a massive party for 200 fans on July 11 to celebrate the release of the new song—the first of her seven-stop House Party Tour.