Macaulay Culkin And Brenda Song Just Took A Huge Step In Their Relationship

Kieran may be the most famous member of the Culkin family since the cultural takeover of HBO's "Succession," but we always have time to check in with our other fave, Macaulay Culkin, especially when it involves such happy personal news. In case you were unaware, the former "Home Alone" star has been romantically linked to former Disney Channel superstar Brenda Song since 2017, per People. How could we not wish for the best for two icons of every millennial's childhood?

Culkin and Song recently welcomed their first child, a 9-month-old baby son named Dakota, according to Esquire, named in honor of Culkin's sister Dakota who died in 2008. And keeping the good news train going, it looks like Culkin and Song have taken another step forward in their relationship and we couldn't possibly be happier for them.

Though the couple doesn't tend to post about their relationship on social media very often, there is photographic evidence of Song wearing a very large ring on a very specific finger...

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin are engaged

According to People, Brenda Song was photographed wearing what appears to be an engagement ring on January 24. An unnamed source reportedly confirmed to the outlet that Song and Macaulay Culkin are, in fact, engaged to be married.

Unfortunately for us, other than a blurry shot of the ring and the blanket confirmation, we're pretty light on details of the engagement, since the couple likes to keep the details of their private life, well, private. At the moment, Song's Instagram account is pretty much all business — she posts about her upcoming projects and brand partnerships, but very little (if any) information about her life at home. Her fiance is even more private, as Culkin doesn't use Instagram at all. 

Seeing as the couple clearly likes to keep their relationship to themselves, we won't pry into the details. We're happy just to wish these two a heartfelt congrats and hope they find all the happiness they deserve. Yay for love!