Ryan Phillippe Hospitalized

UPDATED JULY 17, 2017 AT 4:45 P.M. ET: In a series of tweets, Ryan Phillippe revealed that he was "the victim of a freak accident" while spending time with his family on Sunday, July 16, 2017. He added, "My leg is badly broken & required surgical attention, but i will make a full recovery."

"Thank you for all the well wishes, support, & concern. also a special thanks to the paramedics & first responders," Phillippe continued, "who helped me at the scene & to the medical staff caring for me now. i will keep you updated on my progress."


The Shooter actor appears to be recovering in the hospital after sustaining an unspecified leg injury.

Ryan Phillippe showed off his current situation on Instagram by sharing a photo of himself in a hospital bed, his leg bandaged and set in some type of contraption. Though the 42-year-old gives the camera a thumbs up, his face gives away his feelings of unease. Luckily, however, the star sounds like he's doing just fine.

The photo's caption reads, "i'm going to be ok & i appreciate your concern."

Earlier, as HuffPost reports, Phillippe shared a photo of his wrapped-up leg on Instagram Stories with a caption that read, "not lit." Sharing another photo of himself on Stories (via E! News), he wrote, "Not where/how i wanna be." Phillippe later tweeted, "this sucks."

No word yet on just how Phillippe hurt himself—or the details of his injuries. Regardless, we wish him a speedy recovery.