Daniel Radcliffe Reportedly Helps London Mugging Victim

Harry Potter never lets us down.

The Associated Press reports that Daniel Radcliffe came to the aid of an injured London tourist, who was mugged by moped-riding thieves.

Former police officer David Videcette told the Evening Standard that the victim was slashed across the face by the robbers and had his Louis Vuitton bad stolen. Radcliffe, 27, was seen trying to comfort the man after the attack.

"It was a bit of the surreal moment, I said 'you're Daniel Radcliffe' and he replied 'I am,'" Videcette said, adding, "He was a really nice bloke, a lot of stars wouldn't have stopped to help."

A rep for Radcliffe later confirmed that the actor was present but did not give any additional details, as the incident is a "police matter." So far, no arrests have been made.

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