This Is The Song In Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial

Brands are seizing the opportunity to immerse audiences into vivid worlds for only 30 seconds or one minute at a time for big game-day exposure. Michelob Ultra's 2022 Super Bowl commercial has created the perfect setting for its campaign of lightly competitive sport and the fun of getting together for a beer at Superior Bowl. That's right, the ad takes place in a vintage bowling alley with several returning familiar faces — including Peyton Manning — and music to fit the mood perfectly.

Michelob Ultra's VP of Marketing Ricardo Marques explains that the company "believes that enjoying the ride along the way is not a distraction but in fact an essential part of life." It seems like the bowling crew in the ad agrees. Manning told People, "I think everybody will get a kick out seeing all these different athletes — both male and female athletes — hanging out with some beers, bowling for some friendly competition." He went on to explain that despite not playing on the field, the Michelob Ultra commercial makes him feel like he's "actually part of the Super Bowl."

With the rich neon lighting and wood-paneled bowling alley setting, the music playing is a final nudge for the athletes to embrace a retro vibe, mimicking the cinematography of iconic films like "The Big Lebowski" and "Kingpin." Are you familiar with the 1973 disco-pop track that is featured?

There's gonna be a showdown at Superior Bowl

The Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial features a line of bowlers facing off against one another, so it is only fitting that the song playing is "Showdown" by Electric Light Orchestra. The smooth disco tune captures a relaxed, cool environment as Peyton Manning arrives at Superior Bowl, dressed in a classic blue league shirt, and Steve Buscemi works the bar, spraying down bowling shoes and getting beer ready.

ELO's "Showdown" wasn't a huge success during its initial release in '73, but the use of the song in 1996 for the film "Kingpin" with Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray revived its popularity. Apparently this track has become synonymous with bowling! John Lennon loved the song so much, he thought it belonged at #1 on the charts. "[It's] a beautiful combination of 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine' by Marvin Gaye and 'Lightnin' Strikes' by Lou Christie, and it's a beautiful job with a little 'I Am the Walrus' underneath," Lennon said, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

Allowing the song to do most of the work, there is barely any dialogue; the cast communicating through nodding, acknowledgment, and competitive glances as bowling gets underway. As ELO sets up "there's gonna be a showdown," we get a look at the entire bowling alley: the lanes, bar, karaoke area, a pool table. Athletes including Peyton Manning, Jimmy Butler, Brooks Koepka, Alex Morgan, and Nneka Ogwumike fill the place and gather for the friendly competition as another icon arrives.

Serena Williams is ready to bowl

The athletes in the Michelob Ultra commercial line up in their lanes, and one-by-one bowl in a beautifully synchronized fashion that pairs excellently with Electric Light Orchestra's "Showdown." A strike from Peyton Manning leads to some playful shade being thrown until a ring of the bell at the front door announces the arrival of Serena Williams. ELO introduces her with the lyrics, "She came to me like a friend / She blew in on a southern wind," creating a cinematic moment that would be perfect for the next bowling film inspired by the track.

Manning, Jimmy Butler, Alex Morgan, and Brooks Koepka look worried about their new competition and Steve Buscemi excitedly leans against the bar declaring "game time." The ad ends with a shot of the Superior Bowl sign against a starry sky, Michelob Ultra stating, "It's only worth it if you enjoy it." The dynamic presence of Williams is intentional as the brand has made a commitment to "increase the visibility of women in sports," according to PR Newswire

Michelob Ultra will show three Super Bowl commercials on February 13, per People. The brand has already posted several videos on its YouTube page featuring even more athletes for the campaign that includes ads for Michelob Ultra's Pure Gold and Organic Seltzer. Fans can check out the extended cut of the Super Bowl commercial, an "Opening Soon" teaser, a "Peyton's Ready" teaser, as well as a "drink responsibly" spot that will air after the game.