Everything We Know About Rosario Dawson And Cory Booker's Reported Split

As the line between celebrities and politicians continues to blur in the age of social media, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and his longtime girlfriend Rosario Dawson may have called it quits — and right in time for Valentine's Day, no less! We admit that, as a couple, they were a bit surprising at first, but we soon came to love them and their rather quirky relationship. For instance, while some may have found it a bit odd that Booker reportedly used to read Dawson long novels over the phone before bed (according to The Washington Post), we think a little nighttime "Anna Karenina" seems romantic.

Alas, after more than two years together, a source told People on February 13 that Booker and Dawson are no longer together but "remain friends." Because neither Booker nor Dawson's reps were available for comment on the reported split, and because neither has commented publicly on the breakup, we're still pretty light on details. However, this would seem to confirm earlier reports that they had broken up some time in the summer of 2021.

Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson reportedly broke up over the summer

An unnamed source told Marie Claire in November 2021 that Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson had made the decision to end their relationship over the summer. According to the insider, "The distance made it difficult." Though the couple had technically moved in together in New Jersey, Booker was of course often in Washington D.C. while Dawson was away filming for various TV and movie projects. It also looks like the last time either made an appearance on the other's social media was back in May 2021, when Booker tagged Dawson in a photo she took of him with a toy light saber on Instagram. Though her relationship with Booker may have ended, Dawson has continued to shout out Democratic causes like voting rights

We don't know much else about the split, but you can take comfort in the fact it hasn't killed Booker's belief in love. The senator took to Twitter on Valentine's Day to write, "Love is radical. Love is resilient. Love is righteous. Celebrate love everyday. Happy Valentine's Day!" 

Maybe true love really is forever after all.