Sofia Vergara's Son Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

Many fans of A-list actress Sofia Vergara are surprised to learn she has an adult son. The Colombian-born star of Modern Family was a teenager when she welcomed her bundle of joy, Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara, into the world. 

Fast forward to 2017 and Manolo is garnering plenty of attention in his own right as a talented actor and director, natural-born model, and all-around great guy. Here's everything you need to know about your soon-to-be new crush!  

He was brought up in a single parent household

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara tied the knot with high school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez when she was just 18 in 1991. When the couple split in 1993, Vergara took on single mom duties. It wasn't always easy, but as she told People in 2016, it was certainly worth it. "I was really young when I divorced his father, so I raised him trying to set the best example and give him the best that I could," she said. "When people compliment me on him, on how well mannered, how charming, funny and well-behaved he is, it makes all the sacrifices worthwhile."

He's a mama's boy

Scroll through Sofia's Instagram and you'll find countless photos of this proud mama with her son. There are adorable snaps of the pair celebrating all kinds of special events, including her 45th birthday, and it's not hard to see just how strong their bond is. 

When Vergara married actor Joe Manganiello in November 2015, Manolo walked her down the aisle. He was right by his mom's side for all of the festivities at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Fla. He mingled with guests throughout the weekend, which included Sofia's Modern Family co-stars, as well as Reese Witherspoon, Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and his self-professed crush, Georgina Chapman, the cofounder of fashion label Marchesa.

He's got beauty and brains

Not only is he a loving son with charming good looks, but Manolo is also a hard-working student. In 2015, the then 22-year-old graduated from Boston's Emerson College. His proud mama documented the momentous occasion on Instagram. Manolo's dad and Manganiello also attended the celebration. 

According to HuffPost, Manolo plans to pursue a career in film, and he's already making moves, directing a short film titled Post-Mortem about a forensic student who finds himself attracted to a corpse. Yikes!

He starred in his mom's shampoo commercials

In 2014, Head & Shoulders debuted a TV ad dubbed "Mom Knows Best," starring Sophia and a handsome young man who played her son. Viewers took to the web to figure out who the mystery hunk was, and lo and behold, the guy wasn't even acting. It was Sophia's real life son! 

The commercial was apparently a hit. The duo returned to promote Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care shampoo in 2016, because "Sofia Vergara knows how her son should treat a dry and itchy scalp in the winter and it's not by wearing a hat!"

They launched a Snapchat series

In 2015, Sofia spearheaded a six-episode reality series on Snapchat. Titled Vergaraland, the show was meant to offer a comedic look inside the actress' day-to-day life. It was shot and narrated by none other than Manolo and was yet another bonding opportunity for the mother-son duo.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Manolo was responsible for filming all of the content, then he "mixed in old family photos and whittled down the production into 1- to 3-minute videos that he narrates with humor and appreciation."

He's obsessed with #TBT photos

If you're one of Manolo's devout Instagram followers, you know that the budding young star loves one specific type of post over all others: the #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT snap. Almost every week, he takes to Insta to share funny, embarrassing, and charming photos of himself and his mom. The captions are equally cute.

In April 2017 he shared a snap of himself and his mom in near matching outfits, writing, "#TB to when I was my mother's stunt woman." In May 2017, he posted a pic of a young Manolo on his bike, which he captioned, "I used to be thin. I used to be sporty. I used to be able to wear white shorts." In July 2017, he published a black and white baby pic with his pet parakeet, describing it as a "#TB to when I was a villain from a really low budget ripoff of a Bond movie." Hilarious!

He made his modeling debut in Paper magazine

At the end of 2016, Manolo took a break from his film career and from kicking it with his mom to really solidify his heartthrob status. The 24-year-old sent the internet into a frenzy with his modeling debut in Paper magazine. The cutie was joined by model Stevie DeFelice in a spread inspired and shot by iconic film director Pedro Almodóvar.

Manolo, of course, shared the results on his Instagram, thanking those involved for "allowing me to sit next to Stevie DeFelice. I hope she wasn't too traumatized." The cheeky caption also included plenty of funny hashtags: #IShoweredAndEverything and #WhomeverBrokeTheMirrorGetsSevenYearsOfBadHair.

He doesn't take himself too seriously

You're never too old for a themed birthday party! At least, that's what Manolo and his famous mama seem to believe. To celebrate turning 24, Sofia threw her son a lavish fiesta that spared no expense in the props department: bright flowers, tacos galore, a mariachi band, tiny sombreros, and press-on mustaches. The birthday boy got totally into it, as did his guests. 

Taking to Instagram, the duo showed off some of their favorite moments from the party, including a hilarious shot of Vergara's beau, Manganiello, rocking out on a tiny guitar with the mariachi band.

He's looking for love

Super secretive about his personal life, Manolo hasn't leaked much about his dating status, but a quick online search reveals that the last time paparazzi snapped him with a mystery woman was way back in 2012.

In August 2014, Manolo and his mom sat down for an interview with American-Spanish TV network Univision and one of the topics of conversation was none other than his love life. Asked about the ideal girlfriend for her son, Sofia said she hopes Manolo meets someone who is educated and kind, adding that the most important thing for her as a mother is that her boy is happy and involved in a drama-free relationship.