The Tinder Swindler Has A Whole New Moneymaking Scheme

Ok, by now, you've surely watched Netflix's "Tinder Swindler." But, even if you haven't, you've definitely heard of him. The "Tinder Swindler," aka Simon Leviev, found fame on the eponymous doc series that detailed his sort of crimes against a series of unsuspecting women.

The numerous women interviewed for the doc claimed that Leviev scammed them out of the thousands of dollars within weeks of matching with them. Leviev reportedly matched with a woman on a dating app, wooed her, and then asked her for money. He told them similar stories about being in trouble with mysterious "enemies" and asked the woman for a hefty sum of money to help pay off his debts. The consenting women believed they were in love and that the money would quickly be returned to their bank account. By the time they realized they'd been scammed, Leviev had already moved on to his next victim.

Leviev was eventually convicted of forgery, fraud, and theft in Israel, and served five months in prison, per CNN. Plus, Tinder removed his profile. Rumor has it, though, that Leviev is starting his own dating show. Of course, now that he's a household name, Leviev probably can't get away with defrauding women out of money anymore. Not to worry — the enterprising scammer has already found another way to make some quick cash.

Simon Leviev has a new business venture

In the wake of the "Tinder Swindler" documentary, Sam Leviev is no longer an anonymous dating app creep. Instead, he's something of a social media star who definitely can't get away with tricking women out of large sums of cash anymore. So now that his primary source of income is indefinitely cut off, what exactly is Leviev doing for money?

Rather than protest the accusations in the documentary, Leviev appears to have embraced his fame and even found a way to capitalize on it. According to sources speaking to TMZ, Leviev has joined Cameo, the platform that allows customers to purchase personalized messages from celebrities. A message on the Cameo account from Leviev reads, "Excited to be on Cameo to wish the special person in your life whatever you need!" Insiders claim that as soon as Leviev joined the site, he was inundated with fan requests for all types of videos.

All in all, within the first three days of working on Cameo, Leviev reportedly made upwards of $30,000. Of course, it's a lot less than the $10 million he allegedly stole from his victims, but hey, at least it's honest work.