Odell Beckham Jr. And Lauren Wood Welcome Their First Child

February has been life-changing for Odell Beckham Jr. The Los Angeles Rams wide receiver played his heart out on February 13 at this year's Super Bowl. As reported by CBS Sports, the wide receiver played a pivotal role by setting up the Rams with an early lead. Beckham caught two passes for 52 yards and a touchdown on three targets in the first quarter and change of the game. His complete domination of the game came to an abrupt halt after his leg was caught on the artificial turf and he tore his ACL. Beckham was injured and unable to complete the game. 

On February 23, the NFL athlete took to Instagram with two announcements, noting that "this last week has been one that I truly could never forget." The first was related to his time with the Rams and the ACL injury. "I had never been more prepared and focused for a game in my life, I was ready to go nuclear and perform at the highest level that I ever had in my career," he wrote. He also briefly mentioned that now that his contract with the LA Rams has ended that "it may seem that this journey has come to an end but it's really just a door opening to a new beginning. Starting it off, as a WORLD CHAMPION." OBJ also revealed that on February 22, he was hospitalized and that "surgery was a success." However, Beckham's biggest reveal by far had everything to do with his family.

Odell Beckham and Lauren Wood welcome baby Zydn

Odell Beckham Jr. is a dad! The NFL star and his girlfriend Lauren Wood have added a baby to their team. Beckham shared the news on Instagram, alongside snaps of the newborn. He revealed that baby Zydn was born on February 17 and waxed lyrical about his "biggest blessing" and all the "overwhelming emotions" that he experienced after his birth. The athlete has not revealed the gender of their baby yet.

"Zydn was born n at that moment I knew my life changed for the better," Beckham gushed. He also paid tribute to Zydn's mother, writing, "Lauren Wood, u changed my life forever and delivered the most beautiful gift of all... EFFORTLESSLY!" He continued, "Ur strength throughout this gives me the courage to keep goin because i now kno with u by my side and holding it down for me, I can get thru anything. I love u so much." The footballer ended his post with gratitude, saying, "I wanna thank u all for the love and support, this is not the end; but only the beginning to everything I've ever dreamed of."

Wood is a fitness trainer and documented parts of her pregnancy on her social media pages. The couple has been together since at least 2019, per The U.S. Sun, and it seems as if they were ready to expand their family. Congratulations to the happy couple on the birth of Zydn!