Blac Chyna Reportedly Wants To Record An Album

Get ready to meet your new favorite artist... Blac Chyna!

TMZ reports that Chyna, 29, has been hitting the studio, recording new music. Her style? A combo of rap, "poetry music," and, of course, singing. And it seems that record labels are more than happy to sign the aspiring artist. Chyna's reportedly has several meetings with labels in Los Angeles—and, rumor has it, she already met with Capital Record execs.

So just what sparked Chyna's seemingly sudden interest in the music scene? Nicki Minaj, apparently. After shooting a music video with Minaj in Miami, Fla.— for Yo Gotti's track "Rake It Up"—Chyna found a mentor in the "Starships" artist.

Wonder if Chyna, who used to work as Minaj's body double, will be dropping any singles about her messy relationship with ex Rob Kardashian.