Court Docs Reveal Dr. Oz's Nasty Feud With His Sister

Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz first burst onto TV screens in 2005 when he appeared on "Oprah." According to Britannica, the medic and author's laid-back charm and humorous rapport resulted in him becoming a regular guest on the show. That led to him scoring his own TV gig, "The Dr. Oz Show," in 2008. In a bid to "cure Washington," he's now also dipping his toe into the politics pool. Oz's website declares he's "taking his message of empowerment, personal responsibility, and freedom with him to campaign for the U.S. Senate to represent the people of Pennsylvania."

Dr. Oz is big on holistic healthcare and the wellness movement — and he claims he's also big on family. Oz wrote about his personal fitness "journey" and the importance of taking his loved ones along for the ride on the show's website. "I would have been remiss had I just focused on my own needs and ignored the needs of my family. I knew that I wanted nothing more than for our family to be healthy together forever," he vowed. "As you travel your journey, make sure to bring your family along and not leave them behind!" 

However, it would appear that there's one family member he would definitely like to leave behind. The acclaimed surgeon is currently duking it out with his sibling Nazlim Oz over money, and court docs reveal how nasty the feud with his sister has become.

Dr. Oz hits back at sibling

The two are battling over their late father Mustafa Oz's estate. In the newest installment of their ongoing legal war, Dr. Mehmet Oz has filed court documents with the Manhattan Supreme Court accusing his sister of attempting to swindle him out of "millions of dollars." According to Page Six, he alleges Nazlim Oz illegally changed their dad's will after he died. Dr. Oz also charges Nazlim siphoned off cash into three different offshore bank accounts.

Dr. Oz's lawsuit follows in the footsteps of Nazlim's 2020 suit against him. Nazlim accused her brother of withholding income from their father's two Upper East Side condos in her legal complaint. Nazlim alleged the properties – managed by a company set up by Dr. Oz – were providing her with $15,000 a month in rental income before the TV host pulled the plug shortly after their dad's death.

Dr. Oz denied any wrongdoing. He insisted to The Real Deal he was forced to stop the payments to Nazim because their mother and other Turkish relatives were suing her over the will — so much for families being healthy together forever. Dr. Oz claimed, "My father legally placed me as manager of this entity, so although I do not own or desire these properties, I am obliged to hold all the income safely in escrow until the courts here and in Turkey have decided the merits of the ongoing litigations."