The Tragic Death Of Willie Nelson's Sister Bobbie Nelson

Legendary singer and songwriter Willie Nelson has made himself an icon in the country music scene. In 1993, the "I'll Love You Till The Day I Die" singer was added to the Country Music Hall of Fame and has created more than 20 No. 1 hit songs throughout his decade's long career, not to mention making dozens of other successful singles for various artists, PBS notes. Music has always been part of Willie's life and at the impressive age of 7, he wrote his first song. Two years later he joined a local band in his home state of Texas, starting a career that would eventually last until today.

Lucky for Willie, he wasn't the only member in his family born with musical talent. His sister Bobbie starting playing piano at a very young age alongside him while they both practiced performing gospel music in the Baptist Church, per PBS. During an interview on the "Today" show in 2020, Willie admitted his sister, who was an original member of the Willie Nelson and Family Band "is 10 times a better musician" than he is. She would eventually play alongside her brother for more than five decades, ET reports. But there's one less icon in the band now, as the "Heaven Is Closed" singer announced Bobbie died on March 10.

Willie Nelson announced sister Bobbie's death on Instagram

Willie Nelson announced to his Instagram followers that his sister, Bobbie, a beloved pianist and fellow bandmate, died on March 10. She was remarkably the first member of the Willie Nelson and Family Band. The Nelson family voiced their "hearts are broken" with her being gone, per Instagram. They added that Bobbie died peacefully and was surrounded by loved ones upon her death. In 2007, Willie reportedly told the Austin American-Statesman (via NBC) that having a sister who can play piano so well comes in handy when you're a musician. He voiced "there's just no way to explain how lucky I am to have a good musician in the family."

CNN reports Bobbie remained active in her brother's band for over five decades as a pianist and singer. In 2020, the two siblings even released a memoir together that talks about tight their bond titled "Me and Sister Bobbie: True Tales of the Family Band." The same month their book was released, Willie told People that his older sister is his "closest friend for a whole lifetime" and that he was happy to see her "getting some recognition" in recent years. Willie's March 11 Instagram post asked for "privacy" during the difficult time and are asking fans to keep their "family in your thoughts."