Prince Harry's Playful Side Has Everyone Cracking Up

Prince Harry's playful side is making headlines, but the younger son of Princess Diana is no stranger to mischief. Former royal butler Paul Burrell told OK! that Harry loved to prank his grandma when visiting her at Windsor Castle; he liked to put plastic flies in Queen Elizabeth's sugar bowl! The former butler said the younger prince was the "only one" who pranked the queen, who thought she had real flies in her sugar. According to OK!, Burrell said, "I know the Queen very well and I know she's very fond of Harry ... It was hilarious."

The British media called Harry the "party prince" when he was young. But the prince left his party boy ways behind after serving in the military, and in 2014 he started the Invictus Games. The international competition for injured ex-service personnel has grown over the years, holding the games in London, Toronto, Orlando, and Sydney. The Invictus Games will be held at The Hague in The Netherlands from April 16-22. The 2020 Games were postponed to 2022 because of the pandemic. Harry's mischief was on display as he promoted the upcoming games.

Prince Harry has fun promoting the Invictus Games in The Netherlands

Prince Harry appeared to have had a blast promoting the Invictus Games. On March 12, The Invictus Games tweeted: "Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, is getting ready for the Netherlands with some Dutch lessons. We look forward to giving him a warm welcome in #TheHague ..." The Games posted an adorable video of Harry doing a video chat with the Netherlands' team.

In the video, the Duke of Sussex asked the team to help him practice his Dutch. "One more time, guys, please. You know I need to get this right, and I really want to get it right as well. So how do I say, 'Good afternoon. You've done a great job,' in Dutch?" Harry joked back and forth with the team, saving a surprise for the athletes before he leaves the meeting. Before signing off, Harry revealed he was wearing bright orange, the official color of Dutch national sports. The Prince put on an orange cap and orange sunglasses, and then showed the team he had an orange shirt and shorts under his sweatshirt. The team loved it! The games are near and dear to the Prince's heart. Meghan and Harry's first Netflix project is about the Invictus Games. Looking forward to seeing the Invictus Games in April!