WWE Legend Ric Flair Hospitalized

UPDATED AUG. 14, 2017 AT 4:10 P.M. ET: Governor Mike Huckabee confirmed that Ric Flair is in the ICU, after tweeting out, "Praying for friend Ric Flair-in ICU; I love Nature Boy Ric Flair-he campaigned with me numerous times. Hoping he slams illness on the mat!"

TMZ also reported that Flair has been placed in a medically-induced coma in preparation for surgery, though details remain scarce. According to Bleacher Report, Flair may have had a blood clot, which could have been caused by Flair's alleged alcoholic cardiomyopathy.


Things don't sound too good for the former professional wrestler.

TMZ reports that Ric Flair (real name Richard Morgan Fliehr) was hospitalized over the weekend of Aug. 12, 2017. And while his team at Legacy Talent Agency had told fans that the hospital visit was simply for "routine monitoring" and was "no reason to panic," it seems like Flair may not be doing too well.

On the night of Sunday, Aug. 13, representatives for the 68-year-old WWE champion told media outlets, "We need your prayers, positive energy, and well wishes for our Living Legend as he is dealing with some tough medical issues."

Not much is currently known about Flair's condition. However, Pro Wrestling Sheets reports that the wrestling star had originally been admitted to the hospital for heart-related issues.