Ladies Who List: Atlanta Season 2 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Finishing off their first season, the stars of "Ladies Who List: Atlanta" are hot on the market because fans are already wanting to binge Season 2.

The show premiered in January on the OWN network. Following the lives of six female real estate professionals, "Ladies Who List" allows viewers to watch these top-notch realtors sell the city while juggling their personal lives. If you haven't seen it, "Ladies Who List" is one part "Selling Sunset" meets "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" — drama, selling mansions, then back to the drama.

While the show details all the drama of the ladies, it is also set to empower females. "Through a sophisticated portrayal of successful businesswomen, these real estate pros will help buyers find their dream homes, teach clients the importance of establishing generational wealth, and prove that homeownership is attainable for all," the OWN network said. Obviously, all of this rings true following the success of the ladies' first season, leading many to wonder what's in store for Season 2.

What's the release date?

Was the OWN Network not "sold" on "Ladies Who List: Atlanta"? Sadly, right now, there is no release date set for "Ladies Who List: Atlanta" Season 2. Not only that, there hasn't even been an official announcement that there will be a Season 2 happening.

While there has been no official announcement, it could simply be a matter of timing. Given that Season 1 just wrapped up, the network could be in the works of planning when Season 2 will be filmed, edited, and then hit the screens. The "Ladies Who List" aired their season right in the new year on January 7. Since it was the pilot season, there were only eight episodes — definitely not enough for all the drama — with the season ending on March 4 with the reunion special, per Oprah Daily.

If season 2 were to follow the same timeline, it seems filming would begin around the summer to meet an early January 2023 release.

Who's in the cast?

The first season of "Ladies Who List: Atlanta" follows an elite, yet diverse group of women within the Atlanta real estate profession. This past season, fans met Robin Andrade, Tiana Harrison, Tiffani Hawes, Cristyl Kimbrough, Kira Oliver, and Quiana Watson, per the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Each woman brings something unique not only to real estate, but to their personal lives as well. While no cast list has been revealed for Season 2, this past cast was quite full and seemed to satisfy fans of the show. "Stay focus[ed], keep your faith, continue to work hard, and stay professional at all times. Stay classy, be bad***, and continue to kill the real estate game," one fan wrote to the ladies on Twitter.

Yet, while fans loved seeing the representation, many fans didn't want to see certain cast members back. For example, on the reunion photo of the ladies, there were plenty of comments asking for Robin to not come back for Season 2. One commenter said her drama was "exhausting." For example, when Quiana needed Robin's help, Robin attempted to charge Quiana a fee for her privilege — and Robin's drama since hasn't sat well with fans. But since no cast list has been released for these ladies, fans will just have to wait and see if Robin returns.

What will Season 2 of Ladies Who List: Atlanta cover?

The "Ladies Who List: Atlanta" stars certainly didn't leave fans out of the loop when it came to the drama or the real estate side of things.

One aspect of the show the ladies drove home was the importance of showcasing female empowerment, whether that be through showing Black women in powerful positions or showing women you can juggle a successful career and be a successful mom. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Kira Oliver explained that she didn't come from a privileged background, but she wants to show people you can be young, successful, and on top. "We want to showcase our success as Black females," Oliver added. "We're killing it as much as any other people."

Yet, as the first season of "Ladies Who List: Atlanta" just wrapped, fans are hoping Season 2 will bring less drama and more professional representation for Black women — like the cast said they wanted to bring. "I hope Ladies Who List will give us more real estate and closed deals vs drama and looks," one fan wrote online, "I'm keeping hope alive that they'll nail it all." While there is no official announcement for Season 2 yet, the fanfare surrounding the show could be enough to give viewers a new season in 2023.