Lake Bell Reveals Name Of Second Child

The Secret Life of Pets star just opened up about the baby she welcomed into the world not too long ago.

Visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017, Lake Bell announced that she gave birth to a baby boy three months earlier. His name? Ozzy.

When asked by host Jimmy Kimmel if her son was named after rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, Bell joked, "No, but we can go with that."

"I mean, he's great. It was one of those things where my husband and I were so excited to have just one kid. We have a beautiful daughter, Nova. She's awesome—named after the Chevy, obviously. It's also celestial, but you know what I mean—more so the Chevy," she quipped. "We were so excited to travel the world. We were like, 'We're going to be modern. We don't have to have two kids.'"

So what changed exactly? Well, as Bell so eloquently stated, she and husband Scott Campbell "had sexual intercourse."

Yeah, that makes sense.

Bell also went on to explain that her life has changed "so vastly" since having a second child. "There's so much wrangling and so many logistics. Your marriage turns into just a logistics conversation. The other day—and I promise this is without hyperbole; this really happened—we were going through our schedules," the actress told Kimmel. "So, we really made a moment in our schedule to plan our schedule. That happened..."

Sounds like Bell's never been busier.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, news broke that Bell gave birth to her second child in early June 2017, though details were scarce at the time.

Happy to hear that the family of four is doing well!