The Real Reason Justin Bieber Was Booed At His Own Concert

Justin Bieber made a major faux pas at one of his shows, and his fans weren't too happy. According to the singer's official website, he is currently on the "Justice World Tour," which spans a total of 52 dates, which Bieber will be performing across the U.S. and around the world. "Let's have the Best night of our lives tonight, it's all we got," Bieber wrote on Instagram on March 7, teasing one of his tour stops.

What makes this particular tour very special is the initiative and causes the "Peaches" artist is supporting. According to Billboard, the "Justice World Tour" kicked off on February 18 and Bieber will help raise awareness about social issues like criminal justice reform, climate action, and voter registration. The "Love Yourself" singer is partnering with several different organizations to help fans take local action by offering opportunities presented by Live Free. "Justin's goal by the end of the Justice World Tour is to inspire millions of individual actions, help connect his fans to important causes, and provide participating groups with a new foundation of supporters," according to a statement obtained by the outlet. The initiative is meant to bring "Justin's personal credo of 'Justice in Action' to every corner of the globe."

Despite the wonderful things Bieber is doing on his tour, he recently had a negative interaction with his fans after asking a strange question at his concert. 

Montreal fans weren't happy that Justin Bieber supports a Toronto team

Justin Bieber didn't get the crowd response he normally does on March 29. According to the New York Post, the Toronto native was performing at his concert in Montreal when he thought it good idea to ask the crowd, "How 'bout the Leafs, though, huh? How's that playoff spot looking for you guys this year?" Bieber — who is big fan of the NHL team — was referring to the professional hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs. That's when everyone in the arena began to boo the Grammy Award-winning singer. 

The Toronto and Montreal hockey teams have a long standing rivalry, and with this season's stats, Bieber's snarky comments only added fuel to the fire. The Maple Leafs are crushing it this season with a record 42-19-5, per CBS Sports. Meanwhile, the Montreal Canadiens are 18-38-11 — ranking them the lowest in the Atlantic Division, per ESPN. He continued to taunt concert-goers by trying to start a "Go Leafs Go" chant but, his fans quickly responded with jeers and a counter-chant, "Go Habs Go!"

While Bieber paid the price for trolling his recent audience, the singer is no stranger to getting booed in other venues. The star was met with roaring boos when he accepted the milestone award at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. "I'm an artist and I should be taken seriously," he said at the time. Clearly, Bieber isn't "Sorry" for poking fun at his rival city.