What We Know About David And Victoria Beckham's Reported Robbery

If you ever find yourself with a fortune and want to buy a home in London, England, then you might want to check out real estate in the Holland Park area. Although it might be difficult to purchase property in the super exclusive neighborhood. Home to Ilchester Place, which was "Britain's most expensive street" in 2019, according to information from Lloyds Bank (via the Evening Standard), it would cost you around 62 times more to nab a residence there, as opposed to a home that sold for an average amount elsewhere in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, a few celebrities — who also happen to be rather rich — have found a home on what's known as Millionaire's Row, per The Sun. If you wander around Holland Park, you might see the homes of music industry icon Elton John and his family, as well as fellow singer Robbie Williams. Led Zepplin's Jimmy Page is Williams' next-door neighbor — although Williams and Page have been in a feud over their properties, TBH, so we don't know how neighborly they really are toward each other. As for other residents of the area, Simon Cowell lives in Holland Park, as do David and Victoria Beckham.

In fact, where Cowell and the Beckhams live has been in the news over the years for the same and unfortunate reason that's actually pretty darn scary.

The Beckhams and their daughter were home during the break-in

Holland Park may be an impressive — and pricey — neighborhood, but it's also one where scary things have happened. For instance, back in July 2021, area resident Simon Cowell noticed a "suspicious" man around his home on multiple occasions, per the Daily Mail. Apparently, Cowell has been open about the fact that he fears for his family's safety since that wasn't the first iffy incident. In March 2012, The Guardian reported that a woman had broken into Cowell's home while carrying a brick.

David and Victoria Beckham may know what Cowell feels like after a break-in at their Holland Park residence. While the couple and their daughter, Harper, were at home on the morning of February 28, someone apparently smashed a window and entered their house, according to The Sun. Although the three family members were unaware of what had happened, the couple's son, Cruz, found the broken window and a trashed room when he returned home. A source revealed that "[h]e immediately ran to wake his dad and David carried out a search of the house in case the burglar was still inside the premises."

The Metropolitan Police released a statement saying "[a]number of items were reported stolen," and while "[n]o arrests have been made," they noted "[i]nquiries continue." Indeed, both designer items and electronics were stolen. Thankfully, no one was hurt, although the source explained that they were understandably "shaken up" by what had happened.