Matt LeBlanc Dreams Of An Early Retirement From Acting

Nothing would make the Episodes star happier than simply doing nothing.

On an episode of Conan on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, Matt LeBlanc told host Conan O'Brien that he's ready for retirement. "I would like to retire earlier than later, because I think I would like to do not a f**king thing," the 50-year-old shared. "That's what I would like to do. Just nothing. Nothing! Zero."

When asked to explain what he'd do all day, LeBlanc revealed that his dream of retirement is more about having choices. "It's just not having to go somewhere or having someone else telling you what you have to do," LeBlanc stated. "Maybe you go to the gym, or not go to the gym. Maybe you have nine cups of coffee, or not."

In response to LeBlanc's big do-nothing plans, O'Brien told the Friends actor that he should "announce [his] retirement right here on the air and start showing up [on the Conan set] every night."

"You should just retire right now," Conan, 54, joked.

After thinking about the idea for a few seconds, LeBlanc played along, announcing, "I quit! I'm done!"

Hey, with the series finale of LeBlanc's HBO show Episodes right around the corner, now might be the perfect time for LeBlanc to pursue retirement or a fun late show gig. We certainly wouldn't mind seeing LeBlanc on TV every night—with all the Friends reruns that air, we kind of already do.