Jaden Smith's Weirdest Moments Ever

Jaden Smith has been able to make a name for himself separate from his famous parents through his outrageous antics. Sure, most of Jaden's fame comes from his last name, but he seemingly has no problem garnering attention all on his own. By now, many fans are familiar with the musician's infamous white Batman costume, and his belief that school is unnecessary. The "Karate Kid" actor's unconventional lifestyle mirrors that of many celebrities' children, including his sister, Willow Smith. She seemingly also isn't afraid to express herself and even once shaved her head during a performance. These apples don't fall far from the tree, though, because their parents, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, are pretty unconventional themselves. In fact, they didn't punish Willow and Jaden when they were kids. Will spoke about the family's controversial parenting techniques in an interview with Metro, sharing: "We don't do punishment. The way that we deal with our kids is, they are responsible for their lives," (via E! News).

Jaden's lax upbringing may explain his frequent acts of self-expression. Regardless of whether you admire the "Pursuit of Happyness" actor's creativity or think he's way too over the top, he is a very interesting individual to say the least. Let's revisit Jaden Smith's weirdest moments ever.

Jaden Smith said he doesn't watch TV

Jaden Smith was a rather odd teen. During an interview with The Life Files TV, he revealed that his interests were not what one might expect of the then-14-year-old. "I watch like, Steve Jobs interviews, I don't really watch TV," the star said. "I stopped watching TV when I turned like ten because my parents were like, 'TV's really bad for you.' I'll watch movies I like to see, Steve Jobs interviews, something that's going to make me smart, and then go to sleep. I always have to go to sleep with the TV on though." The "After Earth" actor went on to explain why he doesn't really enjoy watching TV. "I'm always watching something, I just don't like watching TV. I don't like being sold something every five minutes a commercial comes up."

So, if teenage Smith refused to watch TV, what hobbies kept him busy? Well, at the time, the 14-year-old was running his own clothing brand, MSFTS (pronounced misfits), per Wonderland. The line, which is seemingly still in business as of 2022, includes grungy streetwear that features colorful, bold designs. Perhaps Smith was on to something with his decision to avoid TV. After all, it seems to have allowed him to be productive enough to start a clothing line as a high school freshman.

He believes places like Black Panther's Wakanda exist

We've learned over the years that Jaden Smith doesn't appear to be afraid to speak his mind, even though his beliefs are sometimes controversial. The rapper is quite the conspiracy theorist, and this technology-related theory he believes in might shock you. When asked by HuffPost what theories people should be most aware of, the actor responded: "The technology that we're currently at is not the maximum of the human capability, and that there are places in the world where their technology supersedes what we see here on a daily basis. It's made by humans, and it should be acknowledged, and it should be looked at because it could heal a lot of problems." Smith went on to confirm these places would be similar to the fictional country of Wakanda depicted in the movie "Black Panther."

It is perhaps no surprise that the actor is so passionate about the possibility of Wakanda-like communities that could solve problems for those in crisis, because he has used technology to help places in need himself. In 2019, Smith partnered with Drew FitzGerald to develop a portable water filtration system, called "The Water Box," to help those in need of clean water in Flint, Michigan and beyond, per Fast Company.

Jaden Smith asked to get emancipated at 15

Jaden Smith asked to be emancipated at only 15 years old. The musician's father, Will Smith, opened up about the events leading up to Jaden's shocking request in his memoir, "Will." The father explained that tensions were raised after the failure of his film "After Earth," which received horrible reviews after its 2013 release. According to Will's book, Jaden received a lot of backlash for his acting in the movie. Will had instructed Jaden's performance, so the teen became upset with his father after he began to receive criticism. "We never discussed it, but I know he felt betrayed," the "Men In Black" star wrote (via People). "He felt misled, and he lost his trust in my leadership. At fifteen years old, when Jaden asked about being an emancipated minor, my heart shattered."

Jaden's mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, was also saddened to hear that her son wanted to leave home at such a young age. She spoke about the difficult time in the family's life during an episode of her "Red Table Talk" series. The mom shared: "At 15 years old, Jaden, and I remember this day specifically, it's probably one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life, you got to a point where you told me straight up, you were like, 'Mom, I have to leave here to live my life.'" Luckily for Will and Jada, Jaden ultimately decided not to move forward with emancipation.

The After Earth star doesn't like traditional education

Education is one of the many topics Jaden Smith is passionate about. He's shared how he feels about traditional schooling in the past, though his opinions didn't go over well with many social media users. In 2013, a teenage Smith took to Twitter to share a series of messages that questioned traditional education. "School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth," one tweet read. "If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society," read another. Smith's musician friend, Tyler The Creator, replied to that tweet with: "@officialjaden YOU ACTUALLY KINDA [sic] OF SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT." Yes, the actor was called out by his own friends, which arguably proves how controversial his rant was.

Smith's frustration with the school system could have to do with the way he was raised. The star was homeschooled as a child, but later attended a private school founded by his parents. In an interview with Essence, Jada Pinkett Smith echoed her son's opinion on traditional education. "The school system in this country — public and private — is designed for the industrial age. We're in a technological age. We don't want our kids to memorize. We want them to learn," she said. This is likely what led the Smith family to found New Village Academy, which used a technology-based curriculum, per Essence.

He said he wants to be 'the craziest person ever'

Jaden Smith is known for saying some pretty outrageous things in interviews. One interview with the New York Times' T Magazine gave fans a peek inside the then-teenager's brain. It turns out Smith seems to be very aware of how he's perceived by the public, and his outlandish image is all part of a bigger plan. "The only way to change something is to shock it," the rapper said in the interview. "If you want your muscles to grow, you have to shock them. If you want society to change, you have to shock them." Smith is very good at implementing a certain amount of shock value in everything he does, so it isn't surprising to hear this seems to be a goal of his.

When asked about his plans for the future, the "Life In A Year" actor said: "I have a goal to be just the most craziest person of all time. And when I say craziest, I mean, like, I want to do like Olympic-level things. I want to be the most durable person on the planet." Now an adult, Smith has his own clothing brand, a large musical output under his belt, and a long-standing acting career, so it seems he has indeed managed to achieve "Olympic-level things."

Jaden Smith has said many strange things on Twitter

Jaden Smith's Twitter rant about traditional education is tame compared to some of the other things he's tweeted in the past. The star has earned a reputation for being one of social media's most interesting verified users over the years. To briefly summarize some of his strange posts, he once tweeted: "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real." This was arguably overshadowed by the actor logging in to declare that "Most Trees Are Blue."

Luckily for fans who were confused by Smith's tweets, he explained the meaning behind some of his posts in an interview with HuffPost in 2018. When asked about the tweet that suggested eyes and mirrors are fake, the actor explained he got the idea from two scientific studies he'd recently read. "So, like, we can only see three base colors, but there's so much more on the electromagnetic spectrum of light that we could see, but our eyes are just not capable of seeing, which brought me to the realization that what we see on an everyday basis is not actually what's there," he explained. "It's actually only what we can take in." This clears things up a bit, but what compelled Smith to take this theory to social media in the first place?

He labels himself a scientist

As previously mentioned, Jaden Smith has a knack for reading scientific studies and developing his own conclusions. He actually even considers himself a scientist. It turns out many of his controversial moments are experiments. Smith spoke about his and his sister's approach to their careers in an interview with GQ. "Me and Willow are scientists, so everything for us is a scientific test upon humanity," he explained. "And luckily we're put in a position where we can affect large groups of human beings at one time." For example, their T Magazine interview was one of the duo's experiments. This might explain why Smith and his sister ridiculously suggested they can control time. "That experiment — it went really, really well," he told GQ, referencing the T Magazine piece. "We got to see how people reacted. And they actually ended up reacting exactly as we predicted beforehand that they would react."

In true Jaden Smith fashion, he went on to compare himself to the genius astronomer and father of modern science, Galileo, stating: "People think you're crazy — I feel like it's an honor, actually, for people to think I'm crazy. Because they thought Galileo was crazy, too, you know what I'm saying? I don't think I'm as revolutionary as Galileo, but I don't think I'm not as revolutionary as Galileo."

He wore a Batman costume to a wedding and to prom

If you're a loyal Jaden Smith fan, you probably already know about his love for superheroes, and he has been spotted out in his infamous white Batman costume on numerous occasions. He first wore the suit to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding in 2014, explaining that he felt the need to dress in a way that would allow him to guard the event's attendees. The bold musician also wore a version of the white Batman costume to his prom in 2015.

"I wore the Batman suit to heighten my experience at the wedding and prom which was fun," Smith shared in his interview with GQ. He also talked about fashion as a form of self-expression. "I'm just expressing how I feel inside, which is really no particular way because every day it changes how I feel about the world and myself, but I like wearing super drapey things so I can feel as though I'm a superhero, but don't have to necessarily wear superhero costumes every day." Smith was simply living out his superhero fantasies with his Batman costume in a supportive environment. With how fun that sounds, we can't really blame him.

The rapper created a shocking 10-year plan

Even as a teen, Jaden Smith had a detailed plan for his future. In 2015, the "Karate Kid" actor outlined his 10-year plan in an interview with GQ. When asked where he wanted to be in the next 10 years, he simply replied, "Gone." Fortunately, he went on to explain what he meant by that cryptic response. "No one will know where I am in ten years," Smith elaborated. "They'll see me pop up, but they'll be like, 'Where'd you come from?' No one will know. No one will know where I'm at. No one will know who I'm with. No one will know what I'm doing. I've been planning that since I was like 13." Though such an answer might seem selfish, the truth of Smith's plan was anything but. "It'll be kind of like Banksy," he continued. "But in a different way. More of a social impact. Helping people. But through art installations."

While the star has yet to disappear, he has helped communities through his efforts to feed Los Angeles residents who are experiencing homelessness. In 2021, he announced a plan to turn his I Love You food truck, which provides food to those in need, into a restaurant with the same purpose, per Variety. Smith explained that the restaurant is also open to the general population, but those who have the means will be required to pay for their food and the food for the person behind them.

He brought his dreadlocks to the Met Gala as an accessory

If anyone knows how to make a memorable appearance, it's Jaden Smith. The star stood out at the 2017 Met Gala when he posed for photos with his blond dreadlocks in his hand as an accessory. He told Vogue's André Leon Talley about his inspiration for the interesting fashion choice. "Since I couldn't bring my sister as a date I brought my old hair," Smith said, per Vogue. He also explained that his all-black outfit was inspired by "Dracula" and "The Matrix."

The actor also brought an unexpected accessory to the 2018 Met Gala. In addition to wearing pieces from his own clothing line, Smith walked the carpet with the framed gold single certification plaque he received for his song, "Icon," per Vogue. During an interview with Mr. Porter for his MSFTS clothing line, Smith revealed clothes have a deeper meaning to him and his brand. "The collection is not just clothes to sell," he explained. "It's loaded with spiritual experiences and mystical states. We're just making clothes that can go along with people's journeys." This may explain why the star decided to set himself apart from other Met Gala attendees with his fashion choices.

Jaden Smith performed on top of a Tesla

Jaden Smith appears to have a strong sense of individuality that impacts his choices as a musician. His 2019 Coachella performance was an example of this. The rapper took to the stage to perform a set that included some of his most popular songs, like his gold-certified record, "Icon." He also brought his sister on stage to perform. The most notable takeaway from the performance, though, was the Tesla Model X that was suspended in mid-air above the stage.

Smith featured a Tesla in the music video for "Icon" that was released in 2017, so perhaps this was the inspiration for the stage prop. The musician's passion for technology could also explain why he's seemingly so interested in the electric car. Smith even told Above The Clouds that he believes there will be further developments in anti-gravity technology in the future, so maybe this is what he was getting at with the whole floating car motif.

He teased a relationship with Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator and Jaden Smith are alike in that they are both incredibly creative musicians, so it's no surprise that they're good friends. Dating rumors involving the two began circulating in 2017, when Smith announced that Tyler The Creator was his boyfriend at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival music festival in 2018. "I wanna tell you ... Tyler doesn't want to say, but Tyler's my motherf***ing boyfriend and he's been my motherf***ing boyfriend my whole f***ing life!" Smith proclaimed on stage. It is possible that the rapper was joking, because Tyler can be seen laughing and shaking his head in the audience.

The two would make quite the power couple, but it has been unclear over the years whether they were ever actually in a relationship. Neither Smith nor Tyler ever officially confirmed being together, and both have been seen with other partners since Smith's on-stage announcement. In 2021, Jaden Smith was spotted kissing Cara Delevingne on Valentine's Day, per The U.S. Sun. And as of this writing, Tyler The Creator is rumored to be dating Instagram model Reign Judge. The pair made a rare red carpet appearance at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in 2021.