Chad L. Coleman Shares His Thoughts On The Walking Dead Coming To An End - Exclusive

Chad L. Coleman is no stranger to television fans. In fact, a quick scan of this in-demand actor's IMDb page reminds of some of his most memorable roles, like Cutty on "The Wire," Z on "It's Always Sunny in California," Tyrese on "The Walking Dead," and Tobias Church in "Arrow," just to name a few.

Now, Coleman is expanding his talents into a whole new realm with the launch of "Humble Hollywood Podcast with Chad," a new podcast in which he's joined by an array of celebrity guests, ranging from his co-stars from the many projects in which he's been involved to a variety of other professionals, including the likes of actor Anthony Mackie, astronaut Dan Tani, and Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen. 

Even moving on to other endeavors, there's still one thing that Coleman is recognized for, time and again: "The Walking Dead." In an exclusive interview with Nicki Swift, Coleman reflects on the outsized role that "The Walking Dead" has had on his career now that the show is ending its run after 11 seasons.

Being part of The Walking Dead 'juggernaut'

For fans of "The Walking Dead," Chad L. Coleman will always be known for playing Tyrese Williams, a former NFL linebacker until the zombie apocalypse hit. As fans will remember, Coleman played the character during the show's 3rd, 4th, and 5th seasons, until Tyrese was bitten by a walker. Williams, however, was spared the indignity of transforming into a zombie, since Tyrese had his infected arm amputated; sadly, the character eventually died — not from zombie infection, but from losing too much blood.

With "The Walking Dead" ending its run in 2022, Coleman shared his thoughts on playing the fan-favorite character during the peak of the show's popularity. "Well, you know what? It was a juggernaut," he said but noted all the various "Walking Dead" spin-offs set within the show's universe that will take its place when it finally concludes. "It ain't done," Coleman mused. "Just spinning off into less-larger meteors that will continue to swirl around."

Chad L. Coleman's Walking Dead fame came at a difficult time for him personally

While Chad L. Coleman's career skyrocketed thanks to being on "The Walking Dead," he was going through quite a bit in his personal life. "But at the same time, real life is happening," he explained of his years on the show. "So sometimes you're not experiencing it to the fullest because my sister had passed away who was like a mother to me. I was in a new relationship with someone I really didn't know and we were having a child. So there was a lot personally going on at that point in time, pretty much around 2013."

Looking back, Coleman can see the impact that the show had on his career — and his life. "Going to all the Comic-Cons and things of that nature, of course, I mean I was experiencing the industry on a level that I had never experienced before, because 'The Wire' at that point was not a commercial success," he said. "So yeah, the amount of love and fandom and the ability to travel all around the world and be greeted from Santiago, Chile to Germany, the amount of love that I received was phenomenal."

The "Humble Hollywood Podcast with Chad" officially launches on Saturday, April 16. Tickets are available for the in-person launch "Poddy" in Las Vegas, while podcast interviews will be available on all podcast streaming services following the launch.