Christine Brown's Peaceful Snap Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

A lot has changed in the past year for "Sister Wives" star Christine Brown. In November 2021, she made headlines for leaving her husband of 25 years, Kody Brown, according to People. Until their separation, the couple sported a polygamist lifestyle, and Kody is currently still in three other marriage, although he's supposedly still "grieving" his ex-wife. Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and Meri Brown were all present while Christine was married to Kody on the TLC series. And Christine apparently wasn't fond of her ex-husband's desire to be intimate with multiple women.

Christine and Kody's different views on polygamy is eventually what brought their marriage to an end. However, People noted that Christine and Kody weren't intimate with each other for some time before going separate ways. Kody claimed that they weren't romantic anymore because he felt like his ex-wife was "stabbing" him in the back amid rumors she wanted to leave him. 

Now the former couple "will continue to be a strong presence in each other's lives," as they share six children together, according to an Instagram Instagram post made by Christine in November 2021. And five months after her longtime marriage ended, fans think Christine is looking happier, per Screen Rant.

Fans think Sister Wives' Christine looks happier since leaving Kody

On April 11, former "Sister Wives" star Christine Brown shared a new photo of her looking blissfully happy alongside her grandchild, Avalon. Christine captioned the post, "It just doesn't get much better than this! Cuddles from Avalon and Truely's cat, Zelda!" The reality star also made sure to add in the hashtags "blessed" and "oma," which translates to "grandma" in Dutch, per Duolingo. 

While showing off her cheeky smile amid Avalon and Truely napping on her lap, one fan noticed Christine's radiance and commented, "Your such a great mom and oma. I'm so happy you found yourself, had the courage to put your foot down and put you first!!!" Another stated that Christine looked "so much happier" after separating from her ex-husband, Kody Brown, while one person chimed in, "I am so happy for you!! I hope you are living your absolute best life and by the looks of this picture, you are!!"

Screen Rant reported that Christine also has focused more on her passion for cooking since leaving Kody and the "Sister Wives" cast. TLC launched the web series "Cooking With Just Christine," where she demonstrates her family's best recipes. And from the looks of her recent Instagram post, it looks like the reality star has found the perfect recipe for peace in her personal life as well.