Grease Actor Arrested Again And Facing Multiple Charges

Actor Eddie Deezen was once best known for playing Eugene in "Grease" and "Grease 2" — the geeky student teased by the middle-aged teenagers in the Thunderbirds. We're sorry to say that these days, Deezen may be better known for his bizarre arrests than for his work as an actor. 

Deezen, now 65-years-old, was arrested back in September 2021, according to TMZ, after creating a disturbance at a restaurant in Maryland around lunchtime. He apparently refused to leave the restaurant, even after the cops were called. According to the report, Deezen tried to hide behind a woman sitting in a booth and then started throwing dishes and food at the officers. The cops eventually removed him, and he was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and trespassing. 

This was not to be Deezen's last arrest, sadly. It looks like he's been taken into custody once again, this time for much more serious allegations. 

Eddie Deezen allegedly attempted a break-in

Eddie Deezen was arrested again in April, this time for allegedly breaking into a nursing home, according to TMZ. Maryland State Police told the outlet that Deezen forced his way into the privately-owned facility and when a woman inside told him to leave, he refused. The alleged victim also said it's not the first time that the actor has shown up at her home, saying that he usually leaves things behind with notes. Deezen has reportedly been charged with burglary, trespassing, and disturbing the police. 

Though the last major movie that Deezen has acted in was "War Games" back in 1983, it doesn't look like Deezen has been anywhere close to retiring as an actor, according to his IMDb page. In the past few decades, he's worked as a voice actor in several popular cartoons, including "Dexter's Laboratory" and "Kim Possible." We don't know what will come next for the former "Grease" star, but we hope everyone stays safe.