Steven Seagal Faces Bold Accusation About His On-Set Behavior

Steven Seagal has a long history of controversial run-ins with castmates. His hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live" in 1991 was notorious for being a trainwreck. Years after the infamous episode aired, "SNL" cast members spoke about how difficult Seagal was to work with. "He just wasn't funny and he was very critical of the cast and writing staff," Tim Meadows said in the 2002 book "Live From New York," per Ultimate Classic Rock. "He didn't realize that you can't tell somebody they're stupid on Wednesday and expect them to continue writing for you on Saturday," Meadows added.

Bob Odenkirk, who worked on "SNL" as a writer at the time, had similar sentiments about Seagal's hosting gig. While appearing on "The Howard Stern Show" in February, Odenkirk called the "Hard to Kill" star a "nightmare" to work with. In fact, Seagal came in totally unprepared and had no idea that "SNL" was a comedy sketch show. "I haven't seen your show, I don't know what you do here," Odenkirk recalled Seagal saying. 

Many people in the industry had spoken out against Seagal over the years. Portia de Rossi alleged that Seagal tried to assault her when she auditioned for one of his movies. "He told me how important it was to have chemistry off-screen as he sat me down and unzipped his leather pants," de Rossi tweeted in 2017. Unfortunately, De Rossi is not the only celebrity to accuse Seagal of troublesome behavior.

John Leguizamo bashes Steven Seagal

To put it lightly, John Leguizamo had difficulties working with Steven Seagal on the movie "Executive Decision" that was released in 1996. "Yeah, I did not have a good time with Steven Seagal," Leguizamo told the New York Post on April 15. According to the veteran actor, he was not alone. "No one has," Leguizamo added.

The "John Wick" actor recalled how Seagal tried to bully the stunt staff. "[Seagal] kept hitting the stuntmen on purpose," Leguizamo told the Post. That led to an on-set altercation between the "Under Siege" star and stunt worker Gene LeBell. "So he did it again and Gene put him in a chokehold and said, 'You ever do that, I'm going to choke you to death.' He never did it again," Leguizamo said.

Seagal and Leguizamo had a dust-up of their own while working on "Executive Decision." During rehearsals, Leguizamo laughed at Seagal's hoarse-voiced line delivery, and the action star lashed out. "He came up and he Tae Kwon Do'd my ass against the brick wall," Leguizamo said on the radio show "Q" in 2010. Leguizamo was winded by the hit and could not respond how he wanted. "What I really wanted to say was how big and fat he is and he runs like a girl," he added. The actor had publicly disparaged his "Executive Decision" co-star in the past, and apparently the news reached Seagal. "He says he's gonna punch me, I heard," Leguiazamo claimed.