The biggest jerks on YouTube

When it comes to making a name for yourself on YouTube, there's no single recipe for success. Former porn star Daiane de Jesus became a millionaire by unboxing Disney toys on camera, while other popular YouTubers are earning huge sums running channels based on everything from video gaming to geek-themed baking. There are countless ways to make it to the big leagues, but sometimes the best way to draw attention to yourself on YouTube is simply by being a total jerk.

YouTube is full of opinionated people, but there's a handful of notorious provocateurs that always seem to come up when discussions about the most offensive YouTubers take place. From fat-shaming cheerleaders to blissfully ignorant white supremacists, these are the biggest jerks on YouTube.


Described by New Media Rockstars as "one of the most reviled creators online," Onision has been involved in numerous controversies since he joined YouTube in 2006 and started sharing his bizarre brand of entertainment. He built a reputation as someone who can be outright hilarious in his no-holds-barred roasting of fellow YouTubers, but is also seen by many as a total jerk. When you watch back some of his most offensive videos, it's easy to see why.

Onision first courted controversy back in 2009 when he posted a video called "Murder Eaters" in which he heavily criticized people who eat meat. This came back to bite the supposed animal lover in the behind after he accidentally killed his pet turtle a few years later, leaving it outside underneath a plastic box on a hot summer's day. The YouTuber's reputation was dragged through the mud in the aftermath, and not for the last time.

In 2016 he was involved in some major YouTube drama concerning singer Christina Grimmie, who was tragically shot dead by a deranged fan at a meet and greet event. Onision took some major heat when he criticized a Twitter hashtag praying for her family, though he's actually done far more offensive things on his various channels. On top of lying about a pregnancy and miscarriage, Onision shocked subscribers when he appeared to crush his newborn baby in a prank that left a bad taste in the mouths of many.


As the host of a show called Drama Alert, Keemstar is a YouTuber who is naturally going to get under people's skin, but he's been known to take things a step too far. He came under fire in 2009 when a video of him having an angry exchange with a fellow Battlecam moderator named Alex surfaced. Keemstar called his black colleague a "stupid n—" and encouraged those watching to do the same in the shocking and clip, which the YouTuber tried to justify years later when he told his Twitter followers that he had racist language used against him first.

Keemstar became a hot topic again in 2016 when he falsely identified a man as a sex offender. Twitch streamer RSGloryandGold, 62, was reduced to tears when he was accused of being convicted pedophile John Philips, leading to severe online abuse and even death threats. Fellow YouTube gossip peddler Scarce was one of many who did a video exposing Keemstar's gross error, providing screenshots of records proving Philips was still incarcerated.

There was a strong backlash from the YouTube community in the days and weeks that followed, with the world's most popular YouTuber PewDiePie saying YouTube was becoming a "drama machine." You would think Keemstar would've kept his nose clean after that, but days later he was back under the spotlight, this time for telling fellow YouTuber TotalBiscuit (who was suffering from cancer at the time) that he couldn't wait to report his death.


LeafyIsHere started out on YouTube posting Minecraft gameplay and commentary as a 16-year-old, but as his channel grew, he started to get involved in roasting. By 2016, Leafy had established a large and dedicated fanbase who call themselves the Reptilian Brotherhood. They became known for relentlessly spamming the videos of YouTubers that Leafy took a disliking too.

The extent of their trolling was highlighted after Leafy posted a video called "The Saddest Man On YouTube" in which he mocked a little-known goth YouTuber named MrBlackDarkness666. The man responded with a video called "LeafyIsHere Go F*** Yourself" and in it he revealed that his girlfriend had left him after seeing Leafy's video. To add insult to injury, Leafy's followers went after him hard, but it was nothing compared to the abuse directed at TommyNC2010.

After becoming the subject of one of Leafy's videos, the autistic YouTuber started getting death threats from the Reptilian Brotherhood, which made news headlines. "If I was going to get that much hate I was just going to walk away," Tommy told ABC 13 News, but his subscriptions actually boomed as a result. The same cannot be said for Leafy, whose channel has been in decline. He started losing subs fast after respected roaster iDubbbzTV (who runs a series called Content Cop) blasted Leafy in a video that was watched more than 20 million times. Glink called it "one of the most well-made destructions of a channel here on YouTube."  


For all the questionable things that he's done, Leafy at least deserves some credit for turning his talent for trolling on a radical Canadian YouTuber named Veronica Bouchard, known online as Evalion. The teenage vlogger was promoting white supremacy and a racist agenda on her growing channel, doing things like baking swastika cupcakes and singing "Happy Birthday" to a portrait of Adolf Hitler. After realizing the leader of the KKK was promoting her videos, Leafy decided to bring her highly controversial content to the attention of the larger YouTube audience, calling her out for a video she uploaded called "How To Identify A Jew."

News of Evalion's crazy views spread fast throughout the YouTube community after Leafy blasted her, and he made sure people knew just how serious she was with an expletive-laden second video on her, highlighting her prejudice not only against Jews, but African-Americans and Muslims too. Other YouTubers started flagging her content and before long her channel was suspended, however reuploads of her vilest videos pop up all the time and Evalion herself is still managing to appear on YouTube via other channels. Her husband runs a channel called National Revolutionary Center in which Evalion appears as an "assistant/actress." Their most popular videos include "I Married A Communist", "I Got A Boob Job" and "Did Evalion Do Porn?"

Nicole Arbour

Former NBA cheerleader Nicole Arbour always had ambitions of breaking into the entertainment industry, but her chances of making it big suffered a huge setback after a run-in with a reckless driver. "I was disabled for five years after a serious car accident," the Canadian told Toronto Life. "I was in bed and was told I might never walk again." The self-styled comedian used this difficult time in her life as an excuse when she found herself facing major criticism over fat-shaming.

Once back on her feet, Arbour tried her hand at both stand-up comedy and acting (her biggest gig involved going topless in Jason Mewes-led horror comedy Silent But Deadly), but it was as a YouTuber that she would become well-known. Her 2015 video "Dear Fat People" turned her into one of the most hated contributors on the platform and got her fired from a choreography job on a movie called Don't Talk to Irene, which (believe it or not) was about an overweight girl trying to make it as a cheerleader.

"She seemed like a perfect fit for the project," director Pat Mills told Zap2it (via E! Online). "And then a crazy thing happened on Saturday — I saw something on the internet that made me never want to see her again. [Dear Fat People] is an unfunny and cruel fat-shaming video that guises itself about being about health. It's fat phobic and awful… I was so upset I was shaking."

Sam Pepper

He may have only lasted three weeks in the Big Brother house, but British prankster Sam Pepper used his short time as a contestant on the reality TV show to his advantage, starting a YouTube channel that would go on to get millions of subscribers. The content of that channel would ultimately lead to his ruin, however. In 2014 Pepper posted a video in which he confused unsuspecting young women by pinching their bums.

After a huge backlash Pepper claimed the whole thing was a social experiment, but even his friends weren't convinced. "We are meant to push the boundaries but you need to know what's right and what's wrong," Mazzi Maz (who has collaborated with Pepper in the past) said. "A sexual predator isn't a good look." It wasn't long before women started coming forward with accounts of sexual assault at Pepper's hands.

Dottie Martin, 18, revealed that Pepper acted inappropriately during a cinema date. "He tried to touch me around my chest area and I moved his hand away because I wasn't comfortable with that," she said. "He was holding my hand and he put it on his crotch area and moved it closer, but I pulled it away." Pepper's downfall was cemented when he released a video in which he fake-abducts and executes a man in front of his best friend. He was heavily criticized for the stunt and briefly disappeared from the internet before returning to YouTube with a full apology.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul was one of the biggest names on Vine when it ceased operations in 2016, at which point he made the switch to YouTube full-time. Since then his channel has blown up big time with over 10 million subscribers who regularly log on to watch him and his squad, Team 10. Shacked up together in Los Angeles, Team 10 is a media brand-come-talent incubator consisting of several young YouTubers hoping to make it big in Hollywood.

Paul's efforts won him a part on Disney sitcom Bizaardvark, but his chances of a career in Hollywood took a blow when he was fired because of his YouTube antics. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul's troubles began after a fire in the empty swimming pool of the Team 10 house got out of control, making him rather unpopular with the residents of the LA neighborhood he lives in. They had already complained about the hundreds of fans that would flock to the house, and this was the last straw for them.

Things came to a head when a news team turned up to cover the fiasco and Paul climbed on top of their van in protest, mocking the female reporter's shoes. Disney gave him the boot, and it looks as though his neighbors are going to be getting rid of him too — authorities in LA have reportedly prohibited Paul from vlogging in the rented property, meaning Team 10 will have to find a new home.

Roosh V

Often dubbed "Doosh V" by his many haters, Roosh V (real name Daryush Valizadeh) is a self-styled pick-up artist who has been uploading videos to YouTube for over a decade now. He started out writing guidebooks on how to approach women in different countries (kind of like Lonely Planet, if their guides were written by a horny misogynist) but soon moved into vlogging and began commentating on gender roles in modern society.

Roosh is a popular figure in the so-called manosphere, an informal network of bloggers who see themselves as a counterpart to feminism. He courted major controversy in 2015 when he suggested that rape should be made legal on private property. "I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds," he said in a blog post entitled "How To Stop Rape."

"Roosh and his community have seen that cultural change is chipping away at their privilege, and they're having none of it," Barbara Speed of New Statesman wrote. In 2016, he tried to rally his fellow men in defence of that privilege, organizing 165 meet-ups for like-minded males in all corners of the world. After numerous protests were planned, the so-called King of Masculinity was forced to abandon the plans, saying that he could "no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend." He started getting death threats after hacker group Anonymous doxxed him and put his home address online.

The Fine Brothers

Benny and Rafi Fine, known on YouTube as The Fine Brothers, are not the typical YouTube jerks. Their content isn't inflammatory, controversial or particularly offensive — in fact, it is loved by many, with their totals views having exceeded three billion back in 2015. The following year, however, they made a huge error of judgement that cost them a staggering two million subscribers in a single day.

A big part of their portfolio is made up of their React shows (Kids React, Teens React, Adults React, Elders React and YouTubers React) in which they have people from different age groups react to everything from politics to Game of Thrones. Their reaction videos are often considered the best there is, though huge numbers of viewers turned against them big time when The Fine Brothers attempted to copyright the reaction video on YouTube.

They announced a new program called React World, which would allow people who wanted to make their own reaction videos under the Fine Bros banner to legally purchase the license to do so. The backlash was instantaneous, with millions seeing this new platform as nothing more than a way of monopolizing the reaction video genre. After watching their subscriber count fall dramatically in the aftermath of the announcement, Benny and Rafi scrapped the whole thing and issued an apology, but their reputation has been permanently damaged.