Kanye West Has Officially Lost Another Famous Friend

It's fair to say Kanye "Ye" West has had his fair share of feuds.

As reported by Billboard, Ye had beef with fellow rapper 50 Cent in 2007. It all started when Ye moved the release date for his third studio album, "Graduation," to the same week 50 Cent had plans of releasing his record, "Curtis." Since both artists are heavyweights in the rap game, a competition between who would reach the top spot caused a media frenzy. As noted by DailyRapFacts, 50 Cent said he would quit if Ye outsold his record. When it came down to release week, Ye's "Graduation" sold 957,000 while 50 Cent's "Curtis" sold 691,000 — quite a big difference, but still a lot of sales. Ultimately, 50 Cent didn't let this battle get the best of him and has continued to make music.

Before his romance with Kim Kardashian, Ye used to date Amber Rose, who he doesn't seem to think highly of. On a 2020 episode of the "No Jumper" podcast, she revealed she is still being "picked on" publicly by her ex. "I think that if you looked up every time he has bullied me maybe online, I haven't looked it up, I'm sure a lot of stuff will come up... I just move on, I'm happy," she said. "He just called me a prostitute at his rally... Ten years later, just leave me alone."

After working closely with musician Kid Cudi, it appears he is another enemy on Ye's list.

Kid Cudi's is 'not cool' with Kanye "Ye" West

Kanye "Ye" West and fellow musician Kid Cudi have worked closely with one another over the past years. With that being said, their friendship is no longer in existence. Fans were first informed about their friendship being on the rocks when Ye took to Instagram (via Pop Base) in February to reveal the reason Cudi would not be featuring on his album "DONDA 2" is due to Cudi's friendship with Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend. This resulted in Cudi commenting on the post, writing, "Too bad I don't wanna be on ur album u f**kin dinosaur hahaha."

As reported by Pitchfork, Pusha T will be dropping a new album, "It's Almost Dry," on April 22. Track seven, "Rock N Roll," will feature both Ye and Cudi, which has left people wondering what the situation is between the duo. Taking to Twitter, Cudi explained why he will be featuring on a new song with Ye. "I did this song a year ago when I was still cool w Kanye. I am not cool w that man. He's not my friend and I only cleared the song for Pusha cuz thats my guy," he wrote before stating this will be the last track we will hear from them both on the same song. Guess that's settled then!