Roseanne Barr's Latest Rant Against ABC Is Sure To Turn Heads

Roseanne Barr's comeback career was a non-starter. After her eponymous show was canceled, ABC opted to bring back the Conners for another run. However, plans changed when Barr stuck her own foot in her mouth and got herself booted from "Roseanne" in 2018. The show was immediately canceled hours after Barr posted a racist tweet about one of Obama's senior advisors, per The New York Times. With "Roseanne" canceled, ABC still wanted to capitalize on the show's popularity, with or without the lead, by releasing "The Conners," a series about the rest of her family learning to cope in the wake of her character's death.

Barr may have left the show, but she wasn't prepared to leave the public eye. She still hasn't forgotten how ABC fired her when she was at the peak of what promised to be an epic career comeback. Years later, Barr is still going after the network, and her latest rant will definitely raise some eyebrows.

Roseanne Barr is still angry

Roseanne Barr got real in her new documentary "Roseanne: Kicked Out of Hollywood." Barr claimed that ABC execs repeatedly asked her to delete her Twitter but she refused. "I'm a g**damn American and I'm not going to do it," she says in the doc, per the New York Post. "I'm a comic. I'm a bad girl. I'm too rock and roll. I'm going to say f*** it and f*** you until I take my last breath." Barr also claimed that it wasn't just the network that was concerned about the ways in which her Twitter presence might jeopardize her future. "Everyone was begging me to give up my Twitter. Everyone," she said. "My kids were trying to lock me out, but I wouldn't because it's like I just couldn't."

The comedian also argued that the Tweet which got her fired was a misunderstanding. She claimed it was only inadvertently racist as she didn't realize that the Obama aid she was tweeting about was not white. Regardless, she was still fired and these days chalks the whole thing up to a "witch-burning."

Barr may never return to ABC, but the TV family she left behind is still going strong. "The Conners" is currently on its 4th season and has a slew of impressive guest stars lined up for future episodes, including Christopher Lloyd, per Deadline. As for Barr, she's still on Twitter but hasn't been active since 2020 — probably for the best.