Why Everyone Hates Chrissy Teigen And John Legend

Is there any celeb couple that is more groan-inducing and insufferable than Chrissy Teigen and John Legend? Granted, both are attractive and talented—him more than her, since writing and playing songs on the piano requires more skill than being a model. They are both reasonably charming on their own. But when combined? Look out. These two are really tough to take as a unit. They may bring out the best in one another as a married couple. But why do we find them so annoying as a unit? It's probably because everything about them is overkill and overdone.

The oversharing

Remember their red carpet interview at 2015's Grammys, during which Teigen intimated that she and Legend had sex in a public place and it was somehow in the presence of President Barack Obama? Tacky, tacky, tacky. Two people this good-looking should have a little more class than to talk about getting it on at an Obama event. There is no mystery with this pair, either. They post way too many personal pictures of their "private" life in "Look at us!" fashion on Instagram. While we can appreciate the desire to share the happenings as a way to directly connect with their fans, sometimes less really is more.

For the fame

While Legend has a legit career as a crooner, Teigen is famous for being famous and seems to relish that fact. Yes, she is unfairly gorgeous. Stunning, even. And she's a model and all that. But it's like she knows we only really and truly care about her because she's J. Lege's wifey. Therefore, she overcompensates by trying to be quirky, funny, and a girl who is like one of the guys. You're a hot tomboy. We get it. Stop trying so hard to remind us about that.

The Foodstagram

Yes, foodies love to post pics of their eats. But Teigen posts Instagram photos of pretty much every single thing that goes in her pretty mouth. Enough already! You're food porn is not that interesting. Plus, it's making us really, really hungry and even your food is fabulous.

"All of Me"

Anyone else really crazy about Legend's power piano ballad "All of Me," in which he sings about loving a woman despite her fantastic flaws, like her temper? It's a sweet sentiment that any modern couple can relate to. But when you think of Teigen throwing a temper tantrum and inspiring this song, you end up liking it a tiny bit less.

The baby bump

We already feel like we should buy them a gift for their inevitable baby shower that will probably have an over-the-top and outrageous theme, along with being exclusively covered by People or Us Weekly. Ever since Teigen announced her pregnancy, we already know that it's a girl and that the mom-to-be hates babies being compared to things, like a pineapple at six weeks. We're even aware of her pregnancy cravings. We've also seen a lot of pictures of her bump already and there is no end in sight. OMG, you guys. Chrissy Teigen is el preggo. Note: "el preggo" may not actually be Spanish.

The PDAs

These two are often draped all over one another in sexified fashion in photos, be it pro shoots or on social media feeds. It's obvious they are in love—we get it—but being so gratuitous about the damn PDAs makes it feel a bit like gloating.

Too damn perfect

Maybe, deep down, we're only really annoyed by Mr. and Mrs. Legend and their very public relationship because we're jealous. They have the perfect life and seem to want for nothing. They are rich, they are beautiful, they are expanding their family, and they have the cutest fur babies, in addition to some amazing culinary treats. They never have bad hair days, either. Maybe that's why they've encouraged and encountered some serious "anti" Teigen x Legend sentiment.

We want what we can't have

The couple has built a beautiful life. Perhaps in some display of social Darwinism, we want their life and we can't have it. Therefore we become haters because they have it all and we don't. It's also a pretty common sport to silently judge celebs and their lifestyles from afar. But Teigen and Legend certainly offer plenty of grist for the mill by being so outward with their lives.

TMI to the Nth degree

Teigen once admitted in a Cosmo cover story that she and Legend had sex while under a blanket in first class. What's most annoying about that statement? The fact that they had the audacity to join the Mile High Club so publicly with no regard for their fellow passengers? Get a (bath)room, guys. Or how about the fact that she felt comfortable bragging about such private information with millions of readers? Teigen joked that she should have gotten a trophy for pulling that off, but we're left wondering what other travelers or the flight attendants thought. What might seem very 9 1/2 Weeks to them seems very rude and unconscionable to others.