Celebrities With The Most Uncanny Doppelgangers

Many people claim to have seen celebrities in the most random places, like at the local supermarket, on a train, or at a baseball game. Sometimes, it's the actually celebrity. However, most of the time, it probably isn't. Chances are much better that it's just someone who happens to resemble that star...just like the stars with uncanny doppelgangers listed below.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence's normal look alike, a 30-year-old woman named Kitty, spent $25,000 in plastic surgery in order to look more like the Hunger Games star. Unfortunately for her, she might have spent $25,000 too much. According to ABC News, Kitty went under the knife as a form of empowerment. In Kitty's own words, "The more I've looked at her, the more I've realized that her features are sort of my features." But after all the procedures, Kitty looks more like a younger version of herself than anyone else. While that's not a bad thing, it's not what she paid for. Her doctor clearly pulled an American Hustle on her.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage's doppelganger bears such an uncanny resemblance that it spawned an Internet rumor. The black-and-white 1870 photo featuring a man who looks an awful lot like the Con Air star first appeared on eBay in September 2011, accompanied by a $1 million price tag. The photo's owner, antiques dealer Jack Mord, insisted the picture wasn't Photoshopped in any way, and justified the price with a joke claiming that Cage is actually a vampire. But the joke was on Mord, because his fake theory went viral like crazy, even appearing as a piece on ABC News. As surprising as it may seem, no one took the seller up on his offer, and the photo was pulled from eBay. While the photo has never been verified by a professional, it's never been discredited either. While appearing on The Late Show with David LettermanCage himself denied that the mysterious man is actually him, but did admit that "there is a resemblance." 

Justin Timberlake

By all accounts, Justin Timberlake wasn't the first person in history to attempt to bring sexy back. Like with Cage, there's a sepia-toned photo of an unnamed man who's a dead ringer for the "Cry Me a River" crooner, and probably capable of breaking just as many hearts. Only this time, the mutton-chopped mystery man appears in a mugshot, published in the New York Daily News, and first showing up on the Internet via Reddit. No information pertaining to the clone's crimes could be found at the writing of this article, but hopefully his actions were "Justified"...

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves' and his double, French actor Paul Mounet, look so similar that they may be the same person. Actually, it's very possible they are. Mounet lived from 1847 until his alleged death in 1922. It's "alleged" because, as a stage and screen actor for 47 years, Mounet definitely acquired the skills to create and assume the identity of another person, after possibly faking his own demise of course. There are some people out there who may attempt to disprove this theory by pointing out that photos exist featuring Mounet as an old man. However, such an effect can be achieved easily with basic stage-makeup techniques. Also, let's not forget that Reeves has barely aged a day in almost 20 years. It's entirely possible that Keanu is immortal...

Peter Dinklage

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage may be immortal as well. A portrait of a man named Sebastian de Morra, who bears a suspiciously similar resemblance to Dinklage, hangs in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain. According to numerous sources, de Morra worked as a court jester and buffoon in the 17th century, relegated to this rather undignified job because of his short stature. Nothing else is known about him, probably because jesters weren't considered important enough for biographies.

Katy Perry

Looking like a celeb isn't always the "Teenage Dream" most think, as Francesca Brown of London, a carbon copy of Katy Perry, can attest. The West End actress has daily encounters people mistaking her for the California gurl. Sometimes it's nice; for instance she pays her bills as a Katy Perry lookalike. However, drawbacks exist as well. Brown told the Express that not only has her resemblance to Perry been a hurdle to becoming a serious actress, but she's almost suffered serious physical harm because of it. In one story, Brown relates a time she went to a club, where she was mobbed by people mistaking her for Perry. It got so bad that, as Brown puts it, "Security at the venue had to help me get out. I had bruises on my arms." But despite the snags and dangers, Brown doesn't let it stop her from living her life.

Kristen Stewart

Another normal person who attempted to parlay her celebrity resemblance into a form of financial income is Dailymotion user lyssieanne. The vlogger, whose real name couldn't be found, bears such a striking resemblance to Kristen Stewart that she uploaded a video, twice, of herself in 2011 asking for feedback on her looks. (She was in the process of entering a celebrity look-alike contest.) Despite the fact that only four people responded, there's no denying lyssieanne bears a strong resemblance to the Twilight star. But lyssieanne needs to be cautious. Not only does she resemble Stewart physically, she possesses similar mannerisms and, one day, may succumb to looking bored no matter what she does, as well.

Angelina Jolie

Vancouver model Veronika Black resembles Angelina Jolie so much that she intimidates men, according to the Daily Mail. In 2015, Black told the paper that men who attempt to talk to her "start shaking." And just like Jolie, other women seem to resent Black because they worry she'll steal their men, as Jolie has been accused of doing to Jennifer Aniston. But Black has no intention of doing any such thing. The Canuck says she just wants to "meet someone special." Her ideal guy, an older man with stubble—just like Brad Pitt." But there's no need for her to settle for another look alike. With her striking features, Black could easily snag the real thing...

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio also has someone who's pretty much his exact double living in Sweden, in the form of bartender Konrad Annerud. Or at least Annerud could've doubled for DiCaprio 20 years ago. Regardless, Annerud looks so much like the Titanic star that his Instagram account has amassed over 200,000 followers, as of this writing. People even call him 'Leo,' rather than his real name, as he told Vanity Fair. And while Annerud finds that annoying at times, he doesn't mind too much, saying "it's fun to look like [DiCaprio], I mean, he's handsome."